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Days Hotel ABE

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 5am-11pm
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.55 out of 5 stars   (based on 653 reviews)
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Located 1.1 mi. from the Allentown Airport

Located only 1 mile from ABE Airport! We provide safe and affordable airport parking with FREE shuttle service to and from the airport! Our shuttle runs 5:00AM-11:00PM on demand. Reservations must be made online in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Days Hotel ABE Reviews
   John, S   posted on 8/28/2018

The overall shuttle serve back and forth from the airport was above average and timely. The attendant on the way the airport was courteous but the person on the way back wasn't courteous. I would however definitely use them again.

   Donna, A   posted on 8/24/2018

Very easy to book and park. Shuttle was prompt. I would definitely use this service again. I had to come back a couple days early and had no problem getting the cost for those days reimbursed.

   Kathie, W   posted on 8/23/2018

Good service!! Need a step stool made of something stronger than plastic!! Also believe you are getting to pricey with your daily rates.

   Patricia, W   posted on 8/22/2018

   Joseph, F   posted on 8/18/2018

Ride there was ready when I was. Had to wait over 30 min. for pick-up after returning. Overall it was still good and the convenience was great.

   Virginia, Y   posted on 8/14/2018

This is a great parking facility to use. It is so close to the airport, the shuttle was there in record time. It’s better than parking at the airport because if it’s raining or cold, you will get wet walking to your car. The shuttle picks you up at the curb. Plus it’s cheaper than parking at the airport.

   GEORGIANN , S   posted on 8/14/2018

When we arrived back at the airport, It took the attendant 20 minutes to travel 1.1 miles to the airport. We had to call twice to desk. The trip to the airport was fine.

   J, M   posted on 8/9/2018

Did not use the shuttle, but everything else was fine. Would definitely use this service again. I could not submit the survey with the shuttle not selected.

   Zachary, K   posted on 8/6/2018

Shuttle service to the airport was fast, efficient, polite, really a fabulous experience. Shuttle service returning to was very poor. I called three times for the shuttle, I waited more than 30 minutes yet the location is less than a mile from the airport and there was zero traffice (~9:45pm in the evening). It was 90+ degrees there was no A/C on in the vehicle and I had an infant with me. It was a poor experience and I probably won't use the service again. I fly twice a month.

   Maria, R   posted on 8/3/2018

   Hannia , A   posted on 8/2/2018

   Joanne, G   posted on 8/2/2018

Only problem was that our flight was delayed by hours, so we arrived after midnight and there was no shuttle. Fortunately, we did find a taxi to take us to your lot. Very pleased with the service.

   James, B   posted on 7/30/2018

   Roy, M   posted on 7/27/2018

   Cheryl, G   posted on 7/25/2018

On our return I had to call 2 times to get the shuttle. I waited to call until we had our checked baggage so we were ready. We waited almost a half an hour for the shuttle to pick us up. The driver was very nice and helped us get our bags in the car. We just wanted to get home and the extra half hour held us up. It would have been quicker to park at the airport. Not sure we will do this again.

   Bob, C   posted on 7/25/2018

Excellent door to door service. Shuttle was there for pickup within 5 minutes of us getting our bags.

   Anthony, D   posted on 7/24/2018

   Donna, L   posted on 7/21/2018

Great service. Only issue was with the smell of the driver on the way from Days Hotel to the airport. The smell was so bad we held our breath and were glad it was such a short drive.

   Dan, M   posted on 7/20/2018

I was not forewarned that shuttle only operates up until midnight. Our flight was delayed and when we called at 12:10 a.m. it was too late for the shuttel, and we found ourselves stranded at airport. NOT GOOD!

   C, P   posted on 7/19/2018

   Carol, B   posted on 7/15/2018

Very convenient. Only suggestion - include mention that there will be substantial fees. Paid more then $10 more then my quoted and agreed upon price. Still cheaper then parking at the airport but feel it should have been disclosed upfront. Expected sales tax but nothing else.

   Marybeth, L   posted on 1/3/2018

This lot is the best deal in the area. Close, convenient, and could not be easier! I will be using this again.

   Karla, B   posted on 1/1/2018

Super easy and super prompt. Would definitely recommend. Only complaint is the parking lot lights weren't working properly, making it difficult to find/navigate at night.

   Astrida, S   posted on 1/1/2018

Going to the airport trip was great, as usual. My return today was a different story. I ended up waiting in 10 degree temperature for 25 minutes and after three calls finally made it to my car. Two times the van driver drove right past me, which was frustrating. I think the driver was being trained and I was a guinea pig on a bitter cold day!

   Sandra, C   posted on 12/29/2017

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