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Parking lots near Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport

Windsor Hotel Atlanta Airport

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Domestic Only
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.77 out of 5 stars   (based on 70 reviews)
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Located 1.5 mi. from the Atlanta Airport

Park n Fly in style! No sleeping required! Just pull in and park and we take you to and from Atlanta Airport just a few minutes away. Shuttle runs 24 hours on demand. Located right on Old National Hwy just off of I-285.

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Windsor Hotel Atlanta Airport Reviews
   Allyn, B   posted on 1/3/2014

From Hotel to Airport the shuttle service was excellent. We knew our return flight would be late(after 12:00am) and were told to call because their shuttle stopped regular service after 12:00am & would have someone come for us. When we called we were told flatly that there wasn't any service after 12:00. I asked if they could get another hotel shuttle to pick us up which she did but were told we would HAVE to tip him. We will continue to use your service but will use another hotel.

   Ronald, C   posted on 12/27/2013

We had to call for our pick up on Christmas Day two time. We where told he was on-call and would come in from home. We got another service to take us to our car. We like you service, but it was bad at our hotel. This happen last year also. We will not us the service at thias hotel. Thank you.

   James, L   posted on 12/4/2013

We could not believe how smooth things went. No problem. The location was ideal and safe. Quick. And, the price was incredible. No more airport parking for us.

   osie, w   posted on 12/3/2013

   Teresa, R   posted on 11/29/2013

The Global staff was great. I wished the driver would have made it clear when he dropped us off on where I should go to for my returned picked up area. When I called I told the staff at the Windsor Hotel that I was at the North3 passenger pick up area... I waited for 20 mins and called back. She seemed not to have a clue with transportation puck up procedure or maybe the ATL layout. Finally made it to the purple zoned area for Hotel pick up.

   H, S   posted on 11/20/2013

1. You already have my info if you have my res # so why are you asking me to fill in my name? Annoying. 2. What doff does my name make on this form anyway?? 3. YOur directions are drazy for this location, getting off before the nearest exit and taking back roads to hotel, which is right at interstate exit. Since I had been here there before I called to get directions and the poor new employee answering my call didn't know directions. I know its confusing but just give us the best directions!

   OLIVIA, S   posted on 11/11/2013

   Charles, G   posted on 10/3/2013

We waited 45 minutes at the airport after calling the Windsor to ask what time we should expect the next shuttle. We were assured that we were waiting at the correct pick-up location and that the shuttle was on its way. We ended up asking the shuttle driver from a nearby hotel if he would drop us off at the Windsor, which he did. The Windsor shuttle is scheduled to run every 30 minutes, but it did not. We sat in the hot afternoon sun in Atlanta for 45 minutes...I timed it.

   Q., A   posted on 9/10/2013

   Lavarius, S   posted on 9/10/2013

Well when I arrive on sep 7 the driver made me miss my flight and I had to wait a 1:50 to the next flight

   Mary, L   posted on 9/9/2013

   patton, f   posted on 9/7/2013

   Jason, M   posted on 9/6/2013

Bad neighborhood. Was afraid I would lose my wheels. However, your rates were Great!!

   ALI, K   posted on 9/3/2013

The driver never showed up to pick us up. another driver from another company felt bad about us standing and waiting so he offered us a ride to the parking lot.

   Yvonne, D   posted on 8/10/2013

Shuttle was non-existent. Did NOT advertise shuttle had limited hours. Had to pay for a taxi going to and from airport. Will not park at this hotel again.

   Mark, G   posted on 8/6/2013

   Mary, L   posted on 8/1/2013

On return shuttle never came. Had touse another hotel's shuttle.

   Haydee, R   posted on 7/31/2013

The directions listed a different hotel name than the actual hotel. Very confusing to get to. When we returned, we were told that the shuttle was broken down and that we needed to take the shuttle for another hotel.

   Crest, M   posted on 7/30/2013

When I arrived I waited 20min before someone spoke to me and then to find out the shuttle was not available that day. This will be the lat time I park at this hotel.

   Brian, B   posted on 7/26/2013

There was NO OPERATING shuttle for the Windsor Motel on my return! After several phone calls and an hour wait, I had to "Bribe" a competing motel shuttle with a $5 tip to take me back to my car!!! I really think a refund is appropriate!

   w, o   posted on 7/26/2013

inexpensive (much cheaper than airport's best price). The only glitch is that the shuttle bus broke days before our return. The hotel arranged for another shuttle service to take over the route. But there is no way for us to know that, so we waited 15 minutes for the Windsor bus before a helpful attendant at the Seattle airport discovered that the replacement bus was already there. Also, about 100 shuttle hotel names are listed on signs at the pickup area, but the Winsor was not listed.

   Chris , K   posted on 7/15/2013

I had very short wait period both ways. This was second time I used this service and will again for sure!

   Sara, C   posted on 7/12/2013

When I arrived back in Atlanta, another shuttle service carried me to my car. The hotel did not answer phone and the shuttle van was sitting at the motel unattended. Thank goodness the other shuttle service agreed to bring me back.

   felipe, c   posted on 7/9/2013

We waited a good hour back from our trip. We then asked a shuttle to a nearby hotel to kindly drop us off. When we got back to the hotel, there was a shuttle parked out front.

   Mary, L   posted on 7/6/2013

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