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Parking lots near Bradley International Airport

LAZ Fly Premier Self Parking

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Every 5 Minutes
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.03 out of 5 stars   (based on 29 reviews)
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Located 1 mi. from the Bradley-Hartford Airport

Our Bradley International Airport lot offers great self-park service just minutes to the airport. Park with no wait and no worry! Plus our every day low rate is guaranteed to save you money on every trip! For speed, security and friendly service, park at Laz Economy Self Park at BDL in Hartford. Our attentive service gets you to the terminal in mere minutes.

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Condition of parking lot and shuttle
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LAZ Fly Premier Self Parking Reviews
   Herbert, M   posted on 1/27/2015

Everyone was very helpful. Only annoyance- I was quoted $105.73 and was charged $113.62.

   Wendy, B   posted on 12/4/2014

   John H., M   posted on 10/15/2014

We continue to be pleased with the lots that Global directs us to.

   Joe, D   posted on 9/25/2014

Parking was the easiest part of my business trip. Fast courteous service. Thanks for a job well done.

   Vanessa, R   posted on 9/1/2014

Very friendly drivers, helped with our luggage. Quick and affordable.

   robin, s   posted on 9/1/2014

ihad a difficult time checking out. i ordered the parking online but did not receive anything scannable. had to chat with a representative who had a difficult time understanding me. it took a long time.

   Crespo, M   posted on 8/16/2014

Well got lost due to forgot to take the lot ticket with me my fault But besides all was good ThaNo you see your again

   Sean, H   posted on 8/9/2014

First time and it was great. Thanks for the great service.

   jeff, h   posted on 8/5/2014

everything was fine until the checkout. i had a lot of trouble getting the reader to read the magnetic card. when it finally read it, the total came up as > $49 when the amount on my confirmation was $31.61. i pressed the call box and someone came on who helped me but then the amount due came up as $32.56 -- the person on the call box had ended our conversation but when i got her back, she couldn't explain the discrepancy. finally, i had a hard time getting the machine to read my credit card.

   Kannan, M   posted on 7/21/2014

You have charged extra from me for parking

   Jane, C   posted on 7/21/2014

i'm not happy because I was charged $10.44 when I made a reservation and I was not credited that amount when I checked out on 7/20 plus I paid more mponey that my receipt showed as well. I would like to be reimbursed.

   Robert, T   posted on 7/13/2014

when checking out the card reader machine would not accept our parking card. The van driver had to call the live person attendant across the street to open the gate and she accepted our payment which was higher than we expected despite the 10 % coupon we had.

   theresa, p   posted on 6/29/2014

Only comment is we parked under light and when we got back it was out, not working

   david, h   posted on 6/2/2014

how do we get the promo code for $50 for 3 months?

   L, S   posted on 4/22/2014

   Christina, K   posted on 4/21/2014

everything was like I expected. Good service for a great price!

   susan, p   posted on 4/19/2014

I have been parking with you for several years now. I have always been very pleased with the service I have gotten. This trip my wallet was stolen in Las Vegas and it contains my parking ticket. What could have turned into a major hassle upon arriving home to Bradley Airport was handled smoothly and swiftly by the staff. They understood my circumstance and were able to help me out in less than 15 minutes. This was a very exceptional response to a troubling situation. Will always park with you!!

   Edward, D   posted on 3/18/2014

When I reserved the spot I only saw online a request for a deposit. When we parked I asked the driver where to pay the balance and he explained to pay upon my return. When we returned.and got to the gate, the intercom system wasn't working and we were holding up other customers. So, we had pay in full and drive to the office. The attendant was a bit short with us untill she really understood then, returned our deposit and said it wouldn't have happened if we paid in full online.

   Jon, M   posted on 1/19/2014

The price was $3 more than advertised online and it took awhile to speak with the rep and read in the long res number. Better to book directly with LAZfly

   Jerelle, W   posted on 12/26/2013

I will be utilizing your services again. Completely satisfied

   Colette, O   posted on 11/18/2013

Everything was smooth until it was time to leave the parking lot. I sat waiting for about 15 minutes or more waiting for someone to answer the phone regarding a discrepancy on the bill. Once they answered, the problem was resolved promptly.

   E Jane, C   posted on 11/12/2013

All of the above was excellent! However payment was a bit confusing. I gave a deposit online for $10.19 when I got to the lot there was not an option for me to put in the information I had, it asked for a bar code, which I didn't have, and I couldn't put in the reservation number so had to pay by inserting the ticket upon exiting and I had to pay the full price of $24.64. What did I do wrong?

   Richard, C   posted on 10/31/2013

   julie, h   posted on 9/2/2013

unfortunately, someone else printed out the receipt and a page was missing so all the info was not there..not confirmation number so the lot didnt know what i paid and what not was paid...so instead of paying the balance i had to pay the whole thing...so i would like a refund of the deposit I already paid..thank you...Julie Hays

   Charles, L   posted on 8/20/2013

Excellent value. However there is confusion on paying when you are in the self park lot. There is no attendant and exiting/paying is unclear.

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