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Map of Chicago OHare Airport

Parking lots near Chicago O'Hare International Airport

AviStar Airport Parking

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs a day
Shuttle Info: Frequent Shuttle Service
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Valet
3.69 out of 5 stars   (based on 32 reviews)
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Located 4 mi. from the Chicago OHare Airport

Located just off I-294 only 5 minutes from the airport! We provide safe and affordable airport parking with FREE shuttle service to and from the airport! Our shuttle runs 24 hours upon request. Reservations must be made online in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

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AviStar Airport Parking Reviews
   Michael, D   posted on 4/11/2014

When I got back to pick my car up they said it was more money than what I was quoted it was only like 8.00 dollars but it was the point of it!

   Robert, W   posted on 4/7/2014

Nice staff and prompt service. Very reasonable price.

   Joseph, K   posted on 4/7/2014

   Susan, K   posted on 4/7/2014

The attendant on duty at the cashier's office tonight (4/7, around 6) was about as sullen as he could be, downright rude. Other than that, everybody was nice.

   Patrick, P   posted on 4/5/2014

Was quoted a price and had my printed agreement with me but was charged more than quoted rate. Attendant at register said not her problem and to take it up with manager in morning. Wouldn't give me car keys until I paid the extra money. Expect this sort of scams overseas in third world countries. Also valet vehicle was not ready upon arrival. Had to wait 10 more minutes after a 20 minute wait for shuttle

   Steven, G   posted on 4/5/2014

It was a very good experience until it came time to pay. The price they charged was higher that what you had quoted and that I had agreed to. They said that Global gave me the wrong price. I would have given them an additional star had it not been for the price dispute. This was very disappointing.

   Anthony, H   posted on 4/2/2014

Just got back and they wanted to charge me the full daily / weekly rate because somehow their machine did not match up with the reservation number. Luckily I had the original rental agreement that they had noted the reservation number when I dropped my car off. If i did not have the original agreement i would probably be still there arguing. I have used Avistar a few times but will probably go somewhere else next time.

   Mary, S   posted on 3/3/2014

Should tell people to stay in the right lanes going through toll booth, not express lanes.

   Angela , C   posted on 2/13/2014

   jane, o   posted on 1/7/2014

my only complaint is there seemed to be a lack of attendants available upon arrival. Considering the snowfall/storm when I returned everything went well.

   Becky, H   posted on 1/7/2014

We were told the wrong spot to be picked up at the airport and the driver yelled at us for receiving bad info!

   Ryan, S   posted on 1/4/2014

I was overcharged for my stay. Even with the printed confirmation form from Global Airport Parking stating the price I was supposed to pay at the lot, AviStar would not honor the agreement. The unintelligible cashiers had no concept of the system. After 30 minutes of futile argument, a line had built up, so in the spirit of the holidays I decided to move on as to not impede other people's travels. The only other cashier was busy dealing with another complaint. I will not use this service again!

   john, v   posted on 12/12/2013

   Gina, G   posted on 12/8/2013

Very good experience, prompt, fair prices...We only had a problem with finding the shuttle when we arrived at terminal 1 ORD, Signage for parking shuttles is not good at the airport. They pick people from covered parking opposite Hilton Hotel ( bus terminal or something like this)

   Jia, L   posted on 11/11/2013

The total amount is 40.66. I paid your company 11.99 for deposite. I should paid 28.66 when I paid up my car. When I pick up my car I been told that they do not work with your company anymore I have to pay the full amount and call your company (855-836-5071) to get my deposite back. I paid the full amount and I want get 11.99 back from your copany. Yhank you. Jia Lao

   terry, g   posted on 11/5/2013

I was burned by your company. I handed your attendent my copy of the discount I downloaded like you said. She refused to honor it, said I'd have to take it with some other company that the owners changed 11/1/13. I told her I followed ALL instructions. If i'm not refunded my money I havde evry intention of contactiong Lisa Madigen our attorney general. Please respond. 815-791-1999

   Debbie, W   posted on 7/27/2013

   Joe, F   posted on 7/22/2013

I was charge r full price,you need to refund my$9.99. Jf

   james, c   posted on 7/18/2013

after arriving I called for a shuttle only to stand in 96 degree heat for 35 minutes before a shuttle arrived with the air conditioner NOT WORKING. Driver was the best part of your service as he tried to make the best of it by joking around. When booking avistar to park my car your web mentioned a $6/day fee but had some questions while filling it out so called and booked. Surprise to me when I got a bill for $12.99/day just for asking a question??? I mise well park at O'Hare!

   Tim, N   posted on 7/14/2013

Not a good situation. Avistar said they no longer handled 3rd party resevations, so the deposit I paid was not accepted and I had to pay the full price. I was not informed of this till After I returned and was taken totally by suprise.

   roger, d   posted on 6/23/2013

Excellent says it all nothing more to add.

   Patrick, G   posted on 6/21/2013

We were very pleased and will use your services again.

   Lani, J   posted on 6/21/2013

Courteous, friendly and professional staff. A very pleasant experience.

   Thaddeus, G   posted on 6/9/2013

Due to construction on the tollway, locating your lot was a little challenging, I missed the closest exit. I had to drive around to find your lot. Your staff and driver were very courteous. However, your billing leaves a lot to be desired. I had reserved my parking online, but left my paperwork behind. Your clerk did not know what I owed. Initially, she wanted to charge me twice what I had reserved for. After I complained, she came up with a lower rate, I was still overcharged.

   Mark, P   posted on 6/9/2013

Very quick out of the airport (Ohare) great job.

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