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Map of Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Parking lots near Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport

Days Inn Irving-Grapevine DFW

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs * See More Info
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.17 out of 5 stars   (based on 527 reviews)
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Located 2 mi. from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport

Conveniently located 2 miles from the DFW airport, right on Hwy 114 (W John Carpenter Fwy). Our parking is Safe, Secure, and Affordable. Free 24/7 round trip shuttle service is included with your parking reservation. Shuttle Schedule leaving from the hotel are 4:05am, 4:45am, 5:25am, 6:05am, 6:45am, 7:25am, 8:05am, 8:45am; 9:25am and every 40 min thereafter. The shuttle is shared with 4 other hotels, it takes about 15 minutes to get to the airport. MUST CALL AT LEAST 1 HOUR AHEAD TO RESERVE THE SHUTTLE, FIRST COME FIRST SERVED. Return shuttle service is on demand. Try our Hot Breakfast for $5.00/person. Discounted room rates are available by request.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Days Inn Irving-Grapevine DFW Reviews
   Luther, B   posted on 8/19/2018

   S, G   posted on 8/17/2018

Parked at Days Inn b4 it was nice, this time when you called the hotel informed had to book thro Global. Once arrived at hotel informed just because booked on Global doesn't mean you booked the shuttle, had to do that through them.? They were able to get us on a shuttle 30 min later tho. Then on return, called hotel, waited over 30 min no shuttle. A shuttle that went to another hotel - we tipped and he dropped us off. Not sure why such diff between when we booked at hotel or thro Global

   GLENN, P   posted on 8/11/2018

   Leo, m   posted on 8/9/2018

The attendants were lovely

   Frederick, S   posted on 8/3/2018

Getting to the airport by shuttle was prompt but getting picked up at the airport after our return flight took almost an hour, which was not acceptable. The shuttle served 4 different hotels therefore the delays. I will find a hotel with its own shuttle from now on.

   Frank, P   posted on 8/1/2018

very short shuttle wait times both during rush hour at drop off and then also 9 days later for after midnight pickup. Exceeded Expectations

   Jasmine, B   posted on 7/31/2018

Attendants at the hotel need to be more informative. I was advised to be present for a shuttle at a certain time just to be advised the shuttle came early. I was told I needed to wait for the next shuttle, which would have certainly made us late for our flight. Ended up having to take an Uber that came way before the shuttle, just to be late and still have to pay extra for the next flight. Also, should not take more than 5 calls to get accurate information upon return. Not impressed at all.

   John, Y   posted on 7/23/2018

I would of gave a 5 star if it was covered parking. I would definitely recommend your business again. Thank you John Yekel patti2151@aol.com

   Ratchatatam, V   posted on 7/22/2018

On our way back, we called the hotel many times but the phone was not working so we had to take Uber to pick our car up. Very bad experience with this hotel

   Greg, B   posted on 7/18/2018

great job

   Zalak, P   posted on 7/18/2018

   Venice, B   posted on 7/15/2018

Very disorganized hotel staff at Days Inn I called several times to confirm my pickup, I was told they are on the way, finally after 1 hr of waiting I was told the van had "a problem on the way"

   Kane, V   posted on 6/6/2018

Lot was easy to find and had plenty of available parking. Trip to airport was ok but they use a common shuttle with six other hotels, so it takes a long time to get to the airport. The return trip was unacceptable. I waited an hour and 22 minutes for the shuttle and had to call them six times. The first excuse was "The driver came by but you weren't there". Then every time I called back, I was told "he's 10 minutes away". He eventually did show up in a van with doors that wouldn't close.

   Larry, P   posted on 1/7/2018

Everything went great. We were lucky to get an upfront parking. We walked in and checked in with the front desk. Waited for the shuttle while I filled out the papers. The shuttle was there pretty quick and we were on our way. On our return trip back, I pulled out a piece of paper the front desk gave me and it had the instructions and a phone number to call for the shuttle. It worked great. I'm glad I remembered where I put the piece of paper. It was in my wallet.

   Samir, P   posted on 5/8/2017

I waited for my shuttle more than 40 minutes after landing. I was at shuttle stop around 9 pm and my shuttle came around 9:51 pm. We were total 4 passengers including driver. Shuttle had only 3 spots so we have to squeeze 4 adults in 3 spots. Worst experience in all. Selecting 1 star as website wants to select at least 1

   Biju , T   posted on 5/5/2017

Not good shuttle service . Because I waited at airport more than hour to get the shuttle service.

   MARCO, Z   posted on 5/3/2017


   William, C   posted on 5/1/2017

We are repeat customers. We confirmed our seats the evening before and the front desk receptionist Sam was courteous and helpful. We arrived the morning of the flight at the Days Inn and was able to get on the shuttle van (per the kind advice of the receptionist) ahead of the pre booked schedule since there were vacancies. We were lucky to get on the returning shuttle van after waiting for a few minutes.

   Sherri, D   posted on 4/30/2017

Everything was awesome!

   Bill, A   posted on 4/19/2017

Affordable parking work out good for us.

   Gregory, P   posted on 4/17/2017

You need to have a shuttle available in a more timely manner. People should have to wait longer than 10 to 15 minutes for a shuttle to arrive and then get picked up in a trashy looking van.

   tom, b   posted on 4/15/2017

   Janet , L   posted on 4/11/2017

   Stacie, S   posted on 3/21/2017

Our parking was at a Hotel, not a parking lot. So my rating was based on that.

   Ethan, W   posted on 3/20/2017

Construction near the site made it difficult to find the lot at first but otherwise fine. My main issue was that after I was picked up from the airport by the shuttle, we proceeded to drive around the airport for awhile without the shuttle driver indicating that plan. No issue with going to pick up other passengers but would have liked to hear what we were doing so I could estimate what time I would be able to get back to my car at the hotel.

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