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Parking lots near Dallas Ft. Worth International Airport

Swiftpark DFW

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day.
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Every 15-20 Minutes
Parking Lot Type: Covered
Parking Service: Self
3.61 out of 5 stars   (based on 76 reviews)
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Located 1.8 mi. from the Dallas Fort Worth Airport

We are open 24 hours per day every day. SwiftPark Airport Parking is only 1.8 miles from the airport and provides unique "Swift" customer service delivery on a premier parking lot, for the business and leisure travelers at Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW). Please see attendant at the entrance and attendant will advise where to park. Shuttle will pick you up at your car.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Swiftpark DFW Reviews
   Sridhar, D   posted on 12/28/2015

Thank you to the airport shuttle lady who picked us on the 25th, she was very helpful.

   Georges , N   posted on 12/3/2015

   Steve, R   posted on 11/1/2015

   Tom, D   posted on 10/16/2015

Check in fast and shuttle immediate. Return not quite as good. 7 PM call for pickup got answering machine. As a first time customer, this concerned me a bit. Time to pick up from first call was over 45 minutes. When I found out why, I was no longer angry - the shuttle driver also processed my check out payment and was the only employee on the lot. So, now that I know what to expect, I will use your services again. Thanks.

   T, S   posted on 8/5/2015

Everything was fine except for the promptness of the shuttle picking up once returning from trip, but I appreciate the concessions made by staff when exiting the lot. It made up for having to wait 45 mins for shuttle. Thank you!

   roshonda, h   posted on 7/7/2015

The shuttle took way too long to arrive ,more than 30 minutes, it's taking me over an hour to get back to my vehicle. Big inconvenience!!

   Robert , J   posted on 6/29/2015

   vanessa, B   posted on 6/28/2015

the AC was not working in the shuttle on the way to the airport and when they picked me up in a different shuttle

   D, J   posted on 6/27/2015

The ad looked to better then in person. On the way to the airport it states they are not liable for any thief, vandal and so on when advertised "secure" Location. Staff was nice no issues there, 1st day mid 90's and the driver had his window open even though the rear ac was working and we were sweating bullets. They should consider fixing the van I was in. Loud, and literally falling apart inside. Had to hold the emergency window from banging in my daughters ears. Sorry I won't be coming back.

   Jose, V   posted on 6/13/2015

   Amy, L   posted on 6/2/2015

I was expecting a parking garage from the website description, however that was not the case. The lot did have some covered parking areas, about half the lot was covered with the other half just being an open lot. The service turned out to be great and the lot was fenced. The shuttle service was nice, prompt and courteous. Would recommend and use again.

   Georges, N   posted on 5/29/2015

   Gregory, J   posted on 4/3/2015

The women who helped me to load and pick up were terrific. The pay system is excellent as well.

   Darryl, C   posted on 1/5/2015

We had a group of 10 people and the Driver had to get a bigger shuttle on the trip to the airport. The driver couldn't help load our luggage on the way to the airport. Said he had a bad back. Upon return we called and said we had a group of ten bring the big shuttle. Driver brought little shuttle and 4 of our party had to stand. Again we had to load and unload our luggage at the parking lot. and also helped other passengers unload their luggage at the parking lot, due to drivers bad back.

   Noel, M   posted on 12/29/2014

   larnic, r   posted on 12/29/2014

A great experience overall. LR

   Roxanne, D   posted on 12/22/2014

   ISAAC, O   posted on 12/1/2014

Excellent when I dropped the car off, even excellent when I had to be picked up and returned to the lot to retrieve a forgotten ID. BUT HORRIBLY LATE ON THE RETURN TO PICK UP MY CAR. I WAS TOLD BY THE DISPATCHER THAT THE DRIVER WAS" LOST AND HAD TO BE GIVEN DIRECTIONS " AFTER 45 MINUTES WAITING at the airport . BUT THE TRUTH WAS ONLY ONE DRIVER WAS AVAILABLE. I suggest one- tell the truth, two- get stand by drivers if some one calls in sick or just fails to show.

   Tod, G   posted on 11/24/2014

Swift was 90% okay - the first driver drove fast and reckless. The driver on the return trip was fine. GLOBALAIRPORTPARKING.com however, has a cheating website that does not openly disclose all costs. It's setup to trick you into a "deal", when in reality, you pay a big bill at the actual parking lot. SCREW GlobalAirportParking.com.

   Christina , H   posted on 11/7/2014

   PHYLLIS, R   posted on 10/16/2014

This was the WORST off-site parking experience I have EVER had.I didn't realize they only shuttled every 15 minutes (that wasn't shown in your site). The driver missed my D terminal and went all the way to A (He had to pick someone up, I am sure he did it on purpose)with all that construction.Because of this I was almost late for my flight.I met a guy on the same bus and he said it had JUST happened to him and he DID miss his flight. I waited for shuttle back for over 1/2hr to get to my car.TERR

   Terry, N   posted on 9/24/2014

Found out I was overcharged. They didn't give me credit for the deposit I made.

   Ralph , T   posted on 9/9/2014

It took 45 mins for them to pick us up at the parking lot. Then, when they did show up they said they was full and another shuttle SHOULD be there 20-30 min, they advertise every 15 mins. This is not the case. Very discouraging. Also, fix your "covered parking" large section of it, the awning was missing. BUt they want you to pay for covered. Pathetic. I will not park here again. I will go with the Parking Spot or another. As we seen one of their shuttles every 5 mins or so

   Frank, B   posted on 9/3/2014

It took an hour to get to my car from the airport. The attendant I called admitted she forgot about me. This was the worse service I have ever had returning to my parking. While waiting at the terminal, after I started counting, 16 Parking Spot shuttles passed by. I would also like to call to your attention that this was the 3rd time parking with this facility in the last 2 months. The odds are, I will not make this mistake again. Frank Bowles

   James, M   posted on 8/27/2014

I ha a minor problem with the pick up.

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