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Aloft Denver Airport Hotel

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day.
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Every 30 Minutes
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.47 out of 5 stars   (based on 60 reviews)
(review this lot)

Located 10 mi. from the Denver Airport

Park n fly in style at the Aloft! Our free airport shuttle runs 24 hours a day every 30 minutes on the hour and the half hour. You must book your parking reservation online and bring your confirmation with you when you park. Address and driving direciton will be provided on the confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Aloft Denver Airport Hotel Reviews
   Carrie, L   posted on 4/4/2014

   Ellen, R   posted on 3/4/2014

Awesome service! I left my computer on the other side of the airport on a bench and the driver offered to wait until I checked to see if it was still there. It was. That was very nice of him to offer to wait. Shuttle service could run a little more frequently when being picked up. A lot of other shuttles pass by more than once before this shuttle came.

   Staci, A   posted on 3/1/2014

They make it easy to use

   Ellen, R   posted on 1/22/2014

   Jeff, A   posted on 1/12/2014

Very good

   larry, f   posted on 1/4/2014

   Cherie, G   posted on 1/2/2014

   Kyle, M   posted on 1/1/2014

   Stephanie, S   posted on 12/31/2013

The only complaint is that it took a long time to get picked up yesterday and it was cold!! I was sick so it was rough. Otherwise good stuff.

   Andrew, Y   posted on 12/31/2013

   Brian, B   posted on 12/24/2013

   Edward, H   posted on 12/4/2013

Good experience with DIA paking at Aloft hotel. We'll do it again.

   Amber, K   posted on 12/2/2013

The shuttle attendants were fantastic and making jokes, but the hotel attendants were not the friendly. They weren't rude, but I felt like I was an inconvenience because I wasn't there for a room reservation. This un-polite attitude was before they even knew I was only there for parking.

   Chelsie, L   posted on 12/1/2013

Really convenient parking for a great price.

   Myrna, P   posted on 11/26/2013

The service was excellent. Perhaps better directions could be given...I had a lot of trouble finding the hotel.

   Kari, F   posted on 11/25/2013

   Ellen, R   posted on 11/15/2013

   Martina, K   posted on 11/4/2013

   Dennis, P   posted on 11/2/2013

Everything was smooth and trouble free. Will use you again. Thank You Dennis

   Christine, B   posted on 10/31/2013

The staff at aloft hotel were very friendly and helpful. The drivers were on time, friendly and helpful. Great experience. I will recommend this service and I will use it again. Thank you for making my trip easy

   c, f   posted on 10/10/2013

   Gerald, B   posted on 10/9/2013

Everything was excellent. All parties involved provided exceptional service. Service and ease of use are two key reasons that I enjoy parking at the Aloft Denver Airport Hotel. My intent is to use this location for all future travels.

   Jennifer, F   posted on 10/8/2013

   Ashlee, H   posted on 10/1/2013

Hotel attendants were rude, and impolite as well as unprepared. They did not do their jobs properly, created a situation in which I missed my shuttle, and made NO attempt to call the shuttle to wait for me. Additionally, the attendant told me "to run across the lot to the next hotel and that I could make it if I hurried" and then I was told to take a cab upon returning to the hotel. Very unsatisfied with this trip.

   Diana, H   posted on 9/28/2013

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