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Map of Fort Lauderdale Airport

Parking lots near Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport

US-1 Airport Parking

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs Every 30min.*
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Valet
4.32 out of 5 stars   (based on 748 reviews)
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Located 0.5 mi. from the Fort Lauderdale Airport

Brand NEW shuttle buses will take you to and from the airport quickly and comfortably! Conveniently Located .5 miles North of the Terminals at Ft. Lauderdale International Airport off S.R. 84 & US-1. Enjoy peace of mind while you travel with your car parked in our fully gated and secure lot that is monitored 24 hrs a day. Free shuttle service to and from the airport is included with your parking reservation. Our shuttle runs every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour, 24 hours a day. *Over-sized vehicles will be charged $2.00 extra per day, any extended cab pick-up or larger. NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. Reservations must be made online in advance to take advantage of this internet only special parking rate. *Any extensions made to your itinerary after the parking starts will be subject to the normal rate starting at $6.99 per day. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation. Please note this is airport parking only, if you need transportation to the cruise-port port fees will be applied. *Balance due must be paid in CASH. A $5 service fee will be charged for any payments by credit card.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
US-1 Airport Parking Reviews
   Sonia, C   posted on 12/3/2016

   Albert, W   posted on 12/1/2016

Coming in at bad time creates pickup difficulties-crowds, traffic, long wait times

   Michel, F   posted on 11/30/2016

Worst experience i ever had Landed at 9.00 am and got to the lot at 12.00 because i took a cab ride. never been pick up even after 5 calls.You have a truck with no sing on it all they told me the driver has a black shirt.So unprofessional your staff all stressed out out of control. would i go back never. I have so much more to say but i just want to stay polite and nice. Michel Filteau 954=247=7031

   Linda, L   posted on 11/29/2016

I had a positive arrival/drop off experience. However, my return/pick-up experience was bad enough to outweigh the positive. There is not enough room in this 500 character limit to adequately describe what happened. In a nutshell-they couldn't find my paperwork packet, which contained my key fob, and the info as to where my car was parked. We ended up driving around to their aux. lots, and pressing the button on my fob I always carry, to find my car. We found it, UNLOCKED, with the fob in it.

   Fernando, C   posted on 11/28/2016

Worse parking services ever. Shuttle never show up.I called Uber Office (container 8 x 10) full and 30 more customers under the midday sun waiting line. I don't have my ticket so they asked to wait until they finish. After 1.20 hours I realize my car was not in the lot My car was 1 block away in a emty business local for rent (ungated). Flight NY - FLL 3 hours Pick up car almost 2 hours To park my car outside-ungated. I can do it by myself for free

   M, E   posted on 11/27/2016

Terrible service. When I arrived I called the shuttle and told them I was on terminal 4. They asked me to wolk to terminal 2 and wait 30 minutes. Took a taxi to the parking lot where the shuttle was there empty doing nothing.

   RaymĂ´nd, L   posted on 11/24/2016

Shuttle never arrived to pick us up at cruise terrminal -- called several times. Attendants had problems finding our car -- took very long time to gat car. Parking lot was chaotic -- too many cars trying to arrive. -- too many people and long lines.

   Yordanka, R   posted on 11/22/2016

Excellent,i love it !!

   Larry, E   posted on 11/22/2016

New to this parking lot. They need more staff and better way getting out of the lot on the road, since the light doesn't work? Checking in seems to be the limiting process.

   Don, A   posted on 11/22/2016

Had to wait over 45 minutes to be picked up upon return from my vacation from the time I called until pickup

   Holly, B   posted on 11/21/2016

Great service, excellent price. Signage a little difficult. I missed it coming off the 595 and when several blocks before I could find a street number. The lot is RIGHT there nearly at the bottom of the ramp coming from the West. Other than that, fantastic.

   Evry, M   posted on 11/21/2016

The worst place ever. I called before taken the plane to make sure your company knew. The answer back was short, "call us back when you arrived." When I arrived, I called at 1:02pm and because your company was busy I was picked up at 1:57pm, by the meantime, I called several times answered by the same driver who didn't have any idea who was coming for me( cause he was at the port). when I arrived to the lot, my windows' car was down and the keys inside. I took the car without anyone stopping me

   Joe, F   posted on 11/20/2016

The lot was manage by several young men and all were super nice and professional. Not to be negative but I find South Florida folks to be rude. Not the case with these young men they were a joy to meet! Thank you all

   Anthony, C   posted on 11/19/2016

Great location at a reasonable rate

   Jane, B   posted on 11/19/2016

Wonderful experience using this low cost airport parking. I was impressed with being picked up and delivered to my car within 15 minutes of landing. The shuttle driver also was helpful volunteering directions to easily access I 95 or the Turnpike.

   Jane , P   posted on 11/19/2016

Have used your service before and will again. Would be great if you also picked up from Tri Rail as well as the airport

   Jackie, B   posted on 11/19/2016

It was mess when we arrived having to wait 30 minutes to check in and the worst was upon arrival back! We called over and over until the shuttle arrived with a very stressed driver and too many people to be picked up! Then at the lot the attendant could not find our car, was not friendly about it - eventually found it in a parking lot off base and gave us the car without any apologies or word. We had to wait for over 40 minutes to have our car found! Will never use this service again!

   Georgia, T   posted on 11/15/2016

Best price at US 1 Parking, but was not easy to find. Long wait for return shuttle and my car was apparently left under some trees as it was absolutely filthy and full of bird droppings and whatever.

   Paul, S   posted on 11/15/2016

   Edward, P   posted on 11/14/2016

Everybody was courteous and no issues

   Dave, H   posted on 11/14/2016

   Leoneta, R   posted on 11/9/2016

Thanks for service!

   Heather, G   posted on 11/7/2016

Terrible. The van who took me to airport the guy blew his cigarette smoke into van. Disgusting. The guy couldn't locate my car when we got to lot on my trip back . Really disorganized will never use again

   Joao, L   posted on 11/7/2016

   Ronald, R   posted on 11/5/2016

Drop off and shuttle to A/P very quick. Came in on a cruise, after call, p/u was less than five minutes. Will use again.

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