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Jameson Inn IND

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs * See More Info
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.41 out of 5 stars   (based on 99 reviews)
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Located 5 mi. from the Indianapolis Airport

Conveniently Located minutes from the Indianapolis International Airport Terminals. Free airport shuttle Included with online reservation. Our complimentary airport shuttle runs 24hrs a day. From the hotel to the airport it runs on the 15 after of each hour. Return shuttle service is on demand. Reservation must be made online in advance. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
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Jameson Inn IND Reviews
   Malay, T   posted on 4/8/2014

   Leon, B   posted on 3/19/2014

This was the third or fourth time we have used Global. Never been a problem!

   Mike, M   posted on 3/11/2014

I noticed that some of the parking lot lights are not working and would ask for security reasons they be fixed. The driver was very friendly and drove very safe.

   Anne, E   posted on 3/10/2014

Lot was covered with nine inches of snow. Nothing had been cleared, not even walkways or doorways. Had to drag luggage thru all that snow. There was no heat in lobby where I had to wait. On return, shuttle doors would not close and had to ride with doors open in 25 degree weather. When I tried to enter hotel lobby to wait while car warmed up, two set of doors were CHAINED SHUT!! Unbelievable. Will never use service again and will let friends know not to as well.

   Rich, E   posted on 3/9/2014

We arrived at the lot about 10 minutes early (4:05am) for a 4:15 shuttle to the airport but the shuttle was not there and never showed up. We had to drive to the airport and park there. I want someone with authority from GAP to call me to discuss this experience in full. Rich Elliott 317-691-3750

   Richard, M   posted on 3/6/2014

Doug was and is a top quality representative of your operation! kWe will continue to use the Jameson Inn and refer others to you.

   Rich, E   posted on 2/25/2014

Shuttle was 20 minutes late in leaving for the airport and at least 15 minutes late in picking us up from the airport. Shuttle used going to the airport was not in good shape. ONe headlight was out and one windshield wiper was missing. I don't have confidence in the transportation process working on both ends. The gentleman who picked us up at the airport was friendly and nice and he came in a new van.

   Trudy, K   posted on 2/24/2014

We are still waiting on shuttle and it gas been over 30 minutes! Eager to get home with still 1.5 hour drive

   Katherine, W   posted on 2/21/2014

We really had a hard time getting directions from anyone on where is was located.

   YUMIN, C   posted on 2/20/2014

   Donald, D   posted on 2/18/2014

My "fair" indications were from bad winter conditions as far as parking lot was not snow plowed. Which made it hard for the first time I parked there to find the hotel entrance. All in all the experience was very good and I would use this service again.

   chad, d   posted on 2/11/2014

Our driver to and from the airport (same person) was very nice. We left and came back in bad weather conditions. His driving was great and he is very professional. He does a great job! Chad and Mimi Denney

   James, L   posted on 2/8/2014

We were was delayed 45 minutes getting to the airport to start the trip due to the driver having to work the front desk until his coworker returned. We were delayed 50 minutes on our return because the driver had a maintenance issue at the hotel. He didn't bother to call and inform me as I waited outside for his arrival telling me he would be there in 15 t 20 minutes. I called him and discovered the delay. I Will Not Use This Service Again!

   amy, m   posted on 1/20/2014

The arrival was fine. We were satisfied until we returned. It was cold 20 degrees and we were informed that we were to call from baggage. it took them 55 minutes to get to us. we were freezing. it only takes 12 minutes to the hotel, that is what it took that night too. we were picked up in a private mini van that had no defrost so he had to put the window down. unprofesional

   Rhonda, T   posted on 1/20/2014

   Catherine , W   posted on 1/20/2014

Both the front desk clerk and the driver couldn't have been nicer. We will certainly come back again.

   Russell, S   posted on 1/14/2014

Really appreciated not being charged for the extra days that car was parked because of weather related airline delays. Having a relationship with a nearby towing service to assist in starting car or getting unstuck would be a nice benefit. It could be no cost to the motel but a big help to customers during difficult times.

   Emerson, B   posted on 1/10/2014

The phone number given for pick up did not work. There was snow piled up behind our car and around the car. My husband spent an hour digging us out. He is a heart patient and not supposed to dig. The night desk clerk was of no help at all. But, the driver of the shuttle was kind and polite.The shuttle was comfortable. If it had not snowed we would have enjoyed the service.

   Whitney, M   posted on 1/10/2014

Worst experience I have ever had. Spent TWO HOURS digging my car out of the snow in the parking lot in the freezing cold because the parking lot was NOT plowed appropriately. Emailed Global Airport Parking for a refund and no response or refund. Staff at the hotel was not concerned with those having trouble getting cars out, offered no help whatsoever and claimed the lot had been plowed.

   Bill, J   posted on 1/8/2014

I have used this location several times over the last 2 years but since becoming a Jameson Inn the shuttle times have increased. Three days ago Indianapolis received several inches of snow sotoday I waited and hour for pickup. I can understand that but when I arrived at the hotel I found their lot unplowed. They had no shovel or help to getmeout of the lot. When I asked them to recommend a tow service they handed me a phone book. I have been waiting a couple hours now so decided to write this.

   David, S   posted on 1/7/2014

   Donna, W   posted on 1/6/2014

The people were great and very friendly. The only negative was the lobby of the Jameson where we were waiting was so frigid cold!!! The lady at the desk indicated they were having heating problems, but when we got back from our trip, it was still frigid in there. All in all though, we were very happy with the service and friendliness of the people.

   Schubert, J   posted on 1/5/2014

Good value for the price. Shuttle to the airport only once an hour - should provide that schedule so clients do not get to the location too late. We found out accidently by calling the site to provide a different arrival time and being told this. Otherwise, no problems. Shuttle was already at airport when returned picking up several going to parking site (possibly accidental but worked out to our advantage). Recommending to anyone we know needing long term parking for air travel.

   Brian, P   posted on 1/4/2014

When I arrived at the Jameston Inn, i called for a shuttle. The driver was rude and said "o man, I am not going to be able to pick you up for a while, at least 30 minutes". I approached the front desk and got no where with them either. I thought we were suppose to have a shuttle available right away! I had to pick a different site top park at or ran the risk of being late for my flight!What a mess!!

   Amorette, M   posted on 12/30/2013

1. The explanation of shuttle timing online made it easy to misinterpret. For example, I misread "leaves every 15 miniutes on the hour" as "leaves every 15 minutes", which of course made me late for my flight. Granted, this was my fault, but the instructions online could be more clear. Also, only having one shuttle per hour was very inconvenient. 2. I waited for 50 minutes for a shuttle pickup from the airport and almost called a taxi The inconvenience is not worth the money saved.

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