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Map of Islip MacArthur Long Island Airport

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center ISP

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 5:15am-11:45pm On Demand
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.65 out of 5 stars   (based on 2620 reviews)
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Located 0.9 mi. from the Islip MacArthur Long Island Airport

Conveniently located just outside the Long Island MacArthur Airport. Complimentary shuttle runs from 5:15-11:45PM on demand. You must book your parking reservation online and show up with your paid parking confirmation. Address and driving directions will be included on your confirmation upon checkout.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Clarion Hotel & Conference Center ISP Reviews
   John, V   posted on 7/15/2018

The van used to take us to the airport, I wouldn't put my dog in. Dirty, grease on walls, filthy floors and windows. Return waited 30 min. I called when I got my suitcase. First call, they said a few minutes. Second call we will locate the driver, should be there in a few minutes. Third call, hold on,the driver had trouble starting the van. We are getting another van. Be there in a few minutes.The driver told us, he was trying to jump start the van with this van. PICK US UP FIRST. NEVER AGAIN

   Margaret, S   posted on 7/14/2018

This was the first time I have used this service. I was pleasantly surprised with the ease of making the reservation and the follow-through. I will definitely use them again and also recommend them to my friends and family.

   Mohamed, A   posted on 1/5/2018

Well the whole experience was ruined by the service of Clarion hotel. I paid the shuttle driver extra money so that he can pick us up on our way back to NY. The front desk said that the service runs till 11:45pm and our flight was going to arrive at 11:55pm. Hence I made sure that shuttle bus driver is aware of that and he said to call in before boarding the fligh and he'll arrange for our pick up and that didn't happen. I had to walk for 20 minutes to reach my car in a freezing cold weather.

   Vanessa, B   posted on 1/4/2018

   leonid, p   posted on 1/4/2018

   robin, t   posted on 1/4/2018

They left me outside frezzing at my pick up and I did not have a coat on . They kept saying 5minutes called 2 times and it was 30 minutes . And they are not very nice at the front desk . Going to my flight I had to wait because there van pick up someone from the train station . Im not happy at all . Ive used your service for years .

   Julian, L   posted on 1/3/2018

   Anthony, C   posted on 1/3/2018

Shuttle survey should remain open until airport is closed. Our flight was 20 minutes late and apparently 5 minutes after the shuttle . we were forced to take an Uber back to our car. Good thing I had an extra $30 in my pocket or I would have been walking to the Clarion Hotel by foot in 12 degree weather. The money I saved was lost to Uber. Next time I'll just use the airport parking.

   Moses , W   posted on 1/3/2018

   margaret, l   posted on 1/2/2018

your service met my expectations

   impressed, u   posted on 1/2/2018

Very convenient, great service. Highly recommend, I will use again!

   Rosemary, C   posted on 1/2/2018

The driver was so very pleasant and prompt. The entire experience is one that I will share with fellow travelers!

   Eric , C   posted on 1/2/2018

Took an extensive amount of time to be picked up from the airport

   MJ, F   posted on 1/1/2018

They should pick up passengers from flights arriving after 11:45p. Extra expense really made this lot no cheaper than the regular airport lot.

   Anthony , L   posted on 1/1/2018

Can’t beat the price and the ease of airport parking. Very close to the airport and the shuttle was there to pick us up before our bags were. Would definitely recommend and use again

   Clarke, C   posted on 1/1/2018

   J, A   posted on 1/1/2018

   Maria, M   posted on 12/31/2017

Live this place. Always have friendly drivers

   Ralph, W   posted on 12/31/2017

Great parking experience

   Stephanie, B   posted on 12/30/2017

   Lindley, S   posted on 12/30/2017

There are flights from this airport that are earlier than the shuttle and later than the shuttle. We had to pay an additional $25 in cab fares - defeats the whole purpose of parking here. The shuttle should run when the flights run!!!

   gerard, k   posted on 12/30/2017

   Alex, R   posted on 12/29/2017

I had to call 3 times & wait for 40 minutes until the shuttle finally came to pick me up from the airport.

   Patty, S   posted on 12/29/2017

I’ve used this service a few times, I’ve never had a bad experience. The drivers have always been prompt and polite.

   Sheryl , C   posted on 12/29/2017

Driver from Jamaica wad great and friendly both for our departure and return flight.

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