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Map of Islip MacArthur Long Island Airport

Clarion Hotel & Conference Center ISP

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 5:15am-11:45pm On Demand
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.66 out of 5 stars   (based on 2141 reviews)
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Located 0.5 mi. from the Islip MacArthur Long Island Airport

Conveniently located just outside the Long Island MacArthur Airport. Complimentary shuttle runs from 5:15-11:45PM on demand. You must book your parking reservation online and show up with your paid parking confirmation. Address and driving directions will be included on your confirmation upon checkout.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Clarion Hotel & Conference Center ISP Reviews
   Paul, C   posted on 10/26/2016

This is the second time the service kept us waiting at the airport for over 30 minutes when they said they would be there in 5 minutes. They don't have enough drivers and vans to service their hotel customers and airport people. I would like to be compensated for this unprofessional service. Will call you tomorrow.

   Barry, F   posted on 10/26/2016

   Jon, R   posted on 10/25/2016

   Lynne, C   posted on 10/25/2016

   Allan, R   posted on 10/25/2016

   Diane, M   posted on 10/25/2016

Would park there again had no issues shuttle was fast for pick up and driver took care of everything ! Glad we did it!

   Linda, D   posted on 10/23/2016

wish we knew about this years ago.

   DENNIS, O   posted on 10/22/2016


   Bob, K   posted on 10/19/2016

Clarion vans are old !!!

   carolyn, d   posted on 10/18/2016

   Englebert, H   posted on 10/18/2016

   Hope, K   posted on 10/18/2016

The shuttle drivers are always very courteous and prompt.

   Thomas, B   posted on 10/18/2016

   linda, m   posted on 10/17/2016

I have used this parking a lot. Always recommend globs. Used it went I went in a cruise in fl. It's the best. 5 star rating

   Kathryn, L   posted on 10/17/2016

This was so easy. The driver was very courteous and friendly! Will definitely recommend this!

   Rachel, D   posted on 10/16/2016

The service is dependable and a great alternative to the higher airport parking fees. Thank you.

   Patricia, J   posted on 10/15/2016

   Judy, K   posted on 10/15/2016

The driver was VERY nice and helpful but took quite some time to get the 5 minute ride from Hotel to pick me up by baggage claim. I was the last person standing there. Again he was delightful but the shuttle van has tped up seats and is quite shabby

   barbara, s   posted on 10/14/2016

great service, great driver. Will use again.

   Antoinette , P   posted on 10/14/2016

The two men that picked us were fabulous, helpful and courteous. Will use the service again. Thank you

   Ruth, B   posted on 10/14/2016

Makes flying from Islip so easy

   Randi, M   posted on 10/14/2016

Great service. Would definitely use again and recommend to others.

   Antonuitti , R   posted on 10/13/2016

   Mary, B   posted on 10/11/2016

This was the second time we used Global airport parking in the Clarion Hotel near MacArthur airport and we were very pleased. We will surely use it in the future.

   Anna, T   posted on 10/11/2016

I found the parking lot with no trouble and the driver was efficient. The drive to and from McArthur Airport was all of 5 minutes each way. I would definitely use global airport parking again.

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