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Parking lots near Las Vegas McCarran International Airport

Hampton Inn and Suites LAS

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every Hour
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.57 out of 5 stars   (based on 1275 reviews)
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Located 1 mi. from the Las Vegas Airport

We provide convenient parking for your vehicle as you travel out of Las Vegas (Mccaren) Airport. Our shuttle runs 24/7 every hour to drop off at the airport. Pick ups are on demand, just give us a call. Reservation must be made online in advance. The hotel address and driving directions will be provided on your confirmation.

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Shuttle service
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Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Hampton Inn and Suites LAS Reviews
   Susan, H   posted on 4/26/2017

Called for pick up from airport at 3:26 was told 5 minutes. He showed up at 4:20. I called 3 times and each time was told he is on his way. This is not acceptable. I still had an hour drive home. Will not use that hotel again!

   Jack, L   posted on 4/22/2017

This was a very easy and fairly inexpensive way to park your car near the airport. The shuttle service was very prompt and the hotel staff was very courteous.

   Kevin, K   posted on 4/20/2017

   Rollie, C   posted on 4/18/2017

   Bartolome, J   posted on 4/18/2017

   Ef, W   posted on 4/17/2017

Everything came together exactly as advertised. The people at Hampton were very friendly and accomodating even though we did not stay at their hotel.

   ed, v   posted on 4/17/2017

went right to the airport as soon as we arrived. the pickup took a little longer then we thought but still not to bad.

   Ellen, L   posted on 4/16/2017

   Stephanie, A   posted on 4/13/2017

This is the first time we used this service and everything went really well. The parking lot was so easy to find and the shuttle was right on time to the minute. When we arrived at the airport and called for pickup, the shuttle was there withing minutes. Very pleased and impressed with this service.

   Colten, Y   posted on 4/12/2017

   Robert, W   posted on 4/12/2017

Had an absolutely fantastic experience and we'll be using the company again in June

   David, V   posted on 4/12/2017

   Maria, A   posted on 4/11/2017

I am very happy with the service I had with global parking in Las Vegas. I was worried about where I would park my car close to the airport and safe. I choose the Hampton Inn in Las Vegas which was super close. I just pulled in signed in and waited for the next shuttle super easy. greatly recommend this website and the Hampton Inn!

   Diana, R   posted on 4/11/2017

Hampton Inn shuttle to McCarran THE best! Used before (and also used Silver Sevens - not nearly as courteous, prompt & reliable!)and will stick with Hampton shuttle. Staying at hotel night before for VERY early flight & having the shuttle right there on time to go (and come back!) really made the trip very easy. This parking is the best choice! So nice to avoid all that cigarette smoke haze that I had to go through with Silver Sevens.

   Gary, B   posted on 4/11/2017

Painless and easy. Hotel staff was Wonderful to work with!

   jacob, l   posted on 4/9/2017

Very good option for Vegas airport parking. Fast and very friendly shuttle drivers. Would use again for sure.

   Sherrie, M   posted on 4/6/2017

The only issue, was that their van was not working, so they only had enough seats for half of our family when we got there. Would need to wait another hour to take the rest of our family. It was rather stressful. My husband dropped us and our luggage off at the airport and then came back and left our car and then had a ride with the shuttle back to the airport. It bothered me that even with our reservations, we had a bit of an issue getting to the airport. But the return trip was perfect.

   ed , v   posted on 4/5/2017

   Stuart, W   posted on 4/5/2017

It worked very well and we will use again. A little more information on where to meet the pickup shuttle would be great.

   Julie, M   posted on 4/2/2017

A great way to get to the airport quickly and efficiently. The parking lot is easy to access and the whole process was very simple.

   Larry, H   posted on 3/29/2017

   Sayuri, P   posted on 3/29/2017

Dropping off at the airport was smooth and on time. However picking up at the airport, we waited good 40min plus there were 4 adults plus 2 children in a Ford Explorer. There were no apology from our driver for the long wait, and we had to have our children sit on our lap.

   Pamela, R   posted on 3/28/2017

I use this location often and it is typically a good experience, however depending on my drop off time the parking area varies sometimes... it's in the back(usually late night)and very dark, not well lite..even when there's available spaces in the well lite front,and that, all depends on the front desk staff person..and because I am paying for the service..you should be able to park where space is available. Parking in the back, late at night is a safety issue..in my opinion

   Ken, B   posted on 3/28/2017

We were not told what the pickup arrangement s were. We waited over an hour until we were told where the pickup was

   Elaine, S   posted on 3/27/2017

Excellent service! Best idea ever. The only way to fly. Prompt service!

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