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CL Parking LAX

Hours of Operation: Open 24/7
Shuttle Info: 24/7 On Demand
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Gated Valet
4.27 out of 5 stars   (based on 33 reviews)
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Located 1.5 mi. from the Los Angeles Airport

CL Parking is located just off Century Blvd. only minutes from the airport. Their 24/7 shuttle service will take you to and from the airport in just 5 minutes. Shuttle service is included with your parking reservation. Prepay online now, and bring your confirmation receipt with you. There is an extra $2.00/day charge for extra large/long vehicles and we DO NOT accept camper vans or trailers. The address and driving directions will be on your confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
CL Parking LAX Reviews
   Bryan, C   posted on 1/10/2018

   Buck, S   posted on 5/7/2017

The people here were courteous and informative. The lot is downtown by the airport in an industrial area so don't expect in to look like the lobby at a hotel. It is a place to park the car and the price is right. Google took me straight to the address listed on my GAP confirmation email. Good experience overall!

   Victoria, B   posted on 4/9/2017

Brian seemed to set the tone from the moment I arrived in the way he greeted me and explained the process of leaving my car at this parking lot. And though the facility is small, no frills the entire staff was courteous, helpful, efficient and timely in their airport drop off and pickup. I will definitely recommend this location to my friends who fly out of LAX.

   Quinnette, B   posted on 4/4/2017

Great service. I will definitely be using CL Parking again. The drivers and attendants were all friendly, and courteous.

   Andrew, B   posted on 3/17/2017

   Andrea, T   posted on 3/13/2017

It took over an hour for be picked up from the airport from the time the shuttle was requested. Had to call back 2 more times to be informed the shuttle"missed me" and never came to get me in the first place so I had to wait longer. I was waiting at the designated location in the cold for the whole time. it's advertised the shuttle "normally" only takes 10 minutes. When the call did come in they said they were in traffic then the second call said they had my number incorrectly. Which was it?

   Kahlee, S   posted on 3/6/2017

By far my favorite schedule service!

   Michelle, R   posted on 2/25/2017

I'm blanking out of the gentleman's name but he moved to Texas. He was simply amazing and has a great personality. Knows how to connect with clients and remembered that we went to Costa and asked all about it. I know he no longer works for you but people like this make us want to use your lot.

   Alice, S   posted on 2/22/2017

We waited for 40 minutes for shuttle to pick us up at the airport upon returning. It was an unmarked van. No where on it did it identify it as AVR parking as our paperwork stated. The driver evidently had to make a return trip to LAX to find us. He stated he called several times. I had my cell in hand and received no such calls. We were looking for a van identified as AVR not a an unmark white van when paperwork stated look for a Black van marked clearly AVR parking. This was frustrating

   Mike, S   posted on 2/17/2017

Hard to rate. Lot hard to find. Driver to airport was great and fast. When I came back I waited a total of 40 minutes on the curb. 15 minutes of that was calling them repeatedly to get recording, 10 rings and then disconnect. I yelled at attendant to answer his phone when I finally made it to lot. He said management tells them not to answer the phone if they are helping another customer. You can judge whether that is stupid. They could have put me on hold but to make me call 10 times...

   jim , y   posted on 2/10/2017

will use this service again,, thanks. jim

   Lourdes , H   posted on 2/7/2017

Great parking spot. Will park there again on my next trip

   Celia, C   posted on 1/29/2017

We came around 1 am and it was difficult to find but after a phone call and a person talking to us. We found it I will use it again

   Rebecca, T   posted on 1/25/2017

   Robert , M   posted on 1/22/2017

Return information should be written not supplied by a recording. After our 2nd call, we finally got to talk to a live person and he told us to go up to the Departure Level??? Strange since we were arriving??? When we got back to the Global Office, I asked about my Military Discount, since I have always received that at the Global sites but was told they had never heard of it...

   Maria, S   posted on 1/7/2017

These guys are great! Friendly, efficient service. This is my go-to place to park when I fly in/out of LAX.

   JEFFREY, M   posted on 1/3/2017


   James, P   posted on 12/14/2016

   Rosa, M   posted on 12/13/2016

It was a quick pleasant service that I would recommend to anyone that going to a weekend get away and want to leave the car in a safe parking space. THank you very much

   Edward , C   posted on 11/16/2016

We waited approximately 25 min for the shuttle to take us to the terminal. When we returned to LAX,we waited another 15 min to picked up.

   Kathleen, W   posted on 11/14/2016

Upon our return, 11/13/2016, battery to our vehicle was dead. Employee Brian took care of situation, jumped our truck and we were on our way. Brian made comment he didn't know if my husband or his employee left something on. I told Brian it would not have been my husband. The vehicle was off when we left to be shuttled to the airport. It was your employee, accidents happen, comment trying to blame the customer not justified. No adjustment, credit, was offered for our inconvenience.

   David, H   posted on 11/13/2016

I never found it and am quite disturbed. I went to the location given to me on 104th street and the address or parking lot was not there. I believe this is a scam to get a deposit. I had to pay much more for parking and will challenge my initial payment

   J, O   posted on 9/24/2016

   Feliberto, R   posted on 9/23/2016

Great service. Prompt shuttle service. However when I reviewed my receipt and compared it to the quote I received when I made my reservation I found I was over charged $20. When I emailed Global about it they sent me an email address for AVR that is no good. Check your charge before leaving the lot.

   Kristen, H   posted on 9/20/2016

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