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Parking lots near Los Angeles International Airport

LA Adventurer All Suites Secure Gated

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs a day.
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs
Parking Lot Type: Secure Gated
Parking Service: Valet
2.63 out of 5 stars   (based on 51 reviews)
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Located 2 mi. from the Los Angeles Airport

When traveling out of LAX enjoy parking in our completely gated and secure lot featuring 24 hr video surveilance. Don't pay more for parking at LAX! Park in our safe and affordable lot while you travel out of Los Angeles International Airport and Save Big! We are conveniently located on Century Blvd just 5 minutes east of LAX! Our shuttles run 24 hours a day to and from LAX upon request. Reservations must be made online in advance to take advantage of this internet only special parking rate. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
LA Adventurer All Suites Secure Gated Reviews
   davinder, p   posted on 11/4/2014

very friendly staff.. free coffee service i am enjoying parking this place. even i come some times late or early they never charge extra. thxs.--davinder pasricha

   Vaughn, B   posted on 9/23/2014

Warning! Please read your review left on YELP! I will never use your place of business again! I travel several times a year, and your parking and shuttle service is the worse I have ever used in the greater L.A. Area. Making me wait over 2 hours at LAX for your shuttle to pick me up caused me to miss a very important meeting. You failed to keep your promise and pick me up in a prompted and professional shuttle service like you advertised. I will spread the word on your operating practices.

   Mary, J   posted on 9/12/2014

Never again. I have parked here many times over the years, and it keeps getting worse. For the price, I can tolerate grungy vans and one hour pickup times. What I cannot tolerate is the surly psycho driver who knowingly drove off to the airport with our suitcases and not us. With the desk staff paging her telling her not to go, she just took off. Then, when she came back, she berated us for "making her" make an illegal turn for the entire ride to the airport. Never again.

   Marjorie, S   posted on 9/10/2014

Was surprised at how far away the parking lot was for LAX. The service upon check in was ok and the shuttle was quick. However, it took 4 calls and 45 minutes later before we were picked up from the airport on our return trip. Doubt that we will be using you again.

   daniel, w   posted on 8/24/2014

This is a backpackers hotel. parking of my car was in the back of the hotel sort of in an alley. open on both sides to the street. Car radio was changed to spanish speaking music station. Car was not in a covered garage so was quite dirty after 7 days storage. Shuttle looked like it was build in the 70's.

   Lia, M   posted on 8/18/2014

I will never park here again. The shuttle service pick up was very prompt, the shuttle service to go to the airport was not. The drivers were courteous, but basically told us that we had to tip. After I got back from the airport to pick up my car, they hand me my keys and I find that my car is stuck between other cars. The attendant comes out and is like yeah your car should've been out. I took pictures to document my bad experience. It took over 40 minutes to get my car to leave.

   Mary, J   posted on 8/18/2014

You get what you pay for. Vans are dirty, and I didn't let my head touch the head rest because they look greasy and smelled. At least the first van driver was nice. The second one for airport shuttle pick up, after we had to talk him into helping us with our luggage, entertained the pasengers with the story of how he ripped off an Australian tourist of $500.00. Then he reminded us to tip him. Also, we had to call twice, waited 45 minutes for the pleasure.

   brandon, k   posted on 8/17/2014

my gosh, this is a worst place ever that I've been to. First, they only have 2 shuttle buses. Need to wait for 30 min for the bus. Then, waited forever at the airport to be picked up. So, I ended up has to take taxi to the place. I would never come back to the place. It is horrible. It is not worth it. Receptionists was too busy. SO, they hanged up my call when ask about the shuttle bus. Poor system. bad management.

   Safaa, M   posted on 8/15/2014

The receptionist was very helpful and courteous when I left on July 21, but when I came back on Aug 12 the receptionist was rather rude when I called to request the shuttle. I asked where do I have to wait and she quickly said the red sign and hung up. It took me awhile to find the spot for pick up with 2 whinny kids and 6 suitcases. I think I was already annoyed from my long trip and that just added to it. I will most likly use them again.

   Susan, K   posted on 8/15/2014

Price was very good. The location is not excellent, and yet, it is fair. Need extra bathroom for customers. Staff was kind and good.

   Elizabeth,    posted on 8/14/2014

Poor customer service. Everyone was rude from the front desk to the drivers. Will never use global airport again. Took a long time to get a shuttle to airport late to check in. Took over an hour to get picked up and 5 phone calls.

   David, H   posted on 8/8/2014

   Dale, J   posted on 8/7/2014

   Sadhish , R   posted on 7/29/2014

The attendants were very rude when we simply called to ask how long the shuttle will take.. We waited for almost 30 mins for the shuttle.. I would rather pay a dollar or two more per day next time but get better and faster service.

   Joseph, K   posted on 7/28/2014

Not enough shuttles. I saw a number of your competitor's shuttles go by at least six times to your one in the 45 minutes I had to wait to get picked up!....Also when I finally got back to where my car was my car was all the way in the back of the property and I had to make several trips,(with no help)to get all of my luggage to my car....I also didn't get my $5.00 off the price when I entered the discount code...Other than that.....not bad...LOL.....Joseph Kearns....

   john, d   posted on 7/28/2014

Do not use it is cheap for a reason.

   Celina, L   posted on 7/24/2014

We waited an hour at the airport for the shuttle to pick us up. The front desk could not find my key to the car; that took another 35 minutes. From the time we waited for the shuttle to get the key to our car was 2 hours total. Horrible experience, will not use this parking lot again.

   Angel, T   posted on 7/18/2014

I did not like the lot and the next day in Fresno there was a small break in the back of my bumper and it looks like some thing backed into it.

   Henry, J   posted on 7/16/2014

   ricardo, a   posted on 7/15/2014

Will use again, the 1st shuttle used was old and loud with very bad shocks and suspension. the return shuttle was in more appropriate customer conditions. Customer service personel could use some customer care training. For the value the service was very good overall.

   ANITA, G   posted on 7/14/2014

   Chad, K   posted on 7/13/2014

We were surprised to find how rough an area this was compared to most lax parking, and that it was well east of the 405. So the location was not a pleasant surprise. Also that I couldn't self park and had to surrender my keys. And that the car was parked outside. Maybe I suggest disclosing more in your internet ads. But that being said we encountered no problems

   Kathryn, L   posted on 7/13/2014

This was terrible. Rude attendants. Dirty shuttle. Car was to be in an indoor parking garage it was outside. Who ever parked the car smoked in it. It took 3 phone calls and an hour and half wait at the airport on our return flight. When we used you in Las Vegas it was great, but not sure we will use you again after this. Thank you, Kathryn Lingenfelter

   José , T   posted on 7/13/2014

   SANDY, K   posted on 7/10/2014

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