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Nashville Airport Hotel

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day.
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every 20min.*
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.54 out of 5 stars   (based on 2647 reviews)
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Located 3 mi. from the Nashville Airport

Only a short 5 min shuttle ride to your Nashville Airport terminal. Park n Fly with us without booking a room in our fenced parking lot! Our shuttle runs to the airport from 4:00am-11:00pm every 20 minutes and on demand from 11:00pm-4:00am. Return shuttle is on demand.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Nashville Airport Hotel Reviews
   obie, b   posted on 4/27/2017

   BUDDY, P   posted on 4/26/2017

There was no signage which made it very difficult to find the location.

   Megan, G   posted on 4/25/2017

The parking lot was safe and nice, and the shuttle to the airport during the day was helpful. However, we arrived at 2:30 am (after our flight was delayed). We called to have the shuttle come. They said 15 minutes. We had to call 4 times and didn't get a shuttle until their normal morning service started (4:00 am). Good parking lot unless you arrive after their normal running hours. They don't have the on demand shuttle they claim. Expect a LONG wait for the after hour shuttle.

   Elaine, C   posted on 4/25/2017

Best airport parking option! Drivers are very hospitable and make you welcomed back home!

   Julie, K   posted on 4/24/2017

The first dive r to airport was very friendly The pick up driver did not help,with carrying on shuttle or dropping off. I had to do it myself. It was raining and he did not act like he wanted to get wet or something. Very unfriendly. HE ACTED LIKEMHE WAS MADMAT SOMEONE I gave it a three star by of driver, but the service was quick and the shuttle van was brand new. I will use this service again.

   Mark, L   posted on 4/24/2017

   donald, k   posted on 4/24/2017

my grandson came to Nashville about 3 weeks ago for the first time. We told him about your service made the reservation and off he went to see his dad in North Carolina. When he came home he had nothing but praise. My wife and I just used your service this past week. same response. could not be happier. Thanks.

   Tommy, S   posted on 4/21/2017

   Pete, N   posted on 4/20/2017

Global Airport Parking has arrangements with hotels close to airports to allow parking and shuttle use from those hotels. The Nashville Airport Hotel (formerly a Holiday Inn) was only minutes away from the airport, the shuttle was extremely prompt, and staff was pleasant and courteous. The parking area in a far lot, but it was easy to find. For less than half the cost of other airport parking lots, I was extremely pleased with my experience.

   Marina, S   posted on 4/19/2017

When using Global in Nashville make sure to print two copies of your receipt, place one on your dash and one hand to the shuttle driver, you no longer have to go inside to the front desk. When you enter the hotel parking lot stay to the right and go to the additional smaller parking lot beyond the main lot, its fenced in and specifically for Global users. These two bits of info could save you 10 minutes and a missed shuttle.

   Jae Lynn, S   posted on 4/18/2017

Very satisfied with service. Would recommend to a friend.

   Chris, L   posted on 4/18/2017

   Ruth, H   posted on 4/18/2017

Both shuttle drivers were extremely helpful and courteous

   Mike, M   posted on 4/18/2017

   STEPHEN, S   posted on 4/18/2017

One issue: When we returned and waited at the HOTEL section of the shuttle bus pickup area at the airport. A different Hotel service picked us up by mistake. The driver was kind enough to take us to the correct parking lot at your hotel.

   Diane, H   posted on 4/17/2017

Global Airport Parking is my dependable source for cruise and flight parking. I have confidence the parking facility is safe and secure, the shuttle is prompt and reliable, and the rates are very competitive.

   Marina, V   posted on 4/17/2017

The website does need to remove the Holiday Inn logo ASAP this is now Nashville Airport Hotel. Shuttle was quick and easy. Be on the look out for them at pick up from the airport. This is no frills they wont have a sign with your name. You need to spot them. Very affordable parking and shuttle service. The parking lot is definitely no frills. Could use a bit of pruning around the fence but otherwise it was what we needed. A locked fenced parking spot that wasn't 12-24 dollars a day!! 4/17/17

   morgan, w   posted on 4/16/2017

   Larry, B   posted on 4/16/2017

   Richard, T   posted on 4/16/2017

   Kenny, K   posted on 4/16/2017

All good!

   Ed, H   posted on 4/15/2017

   Diane, C   posted on 4/12/2017

We called as our plane landed and waited by curb for over 45 minutes, we called back twice and were told that shuttle would arrive in 10 minutes. Our pick up time was 9pm on a Tuesday evening.

   Vickie, G   posted on 4/12/2017

Very good I will use again thanks

   ronnnie, l   posted on 4/12/2017

shuttle driver Milton was exceptionally nice and helpful.

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