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Parking lots near Newark Liberty International Airport

Hilton EWR Indoor Garage

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day.
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every 20min.*
Parking Lot Type: Garage
Parking Service: Self
4.34 out of 5 stars   (based on 1577 reviews)
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Located 0.75 mi. from the Newark Airport

Hilton Newark Airport is under new management and offering new low rates! GLOBAL AIRPORT PARKING CUSTOMERS RECEIVE DISCOUNT AT EDISON’S BREW COFFEE SHOPPE, PROUDLY BREWING STARBUCKS SELECTIONS. Enjoy our safe and secure indoor garage parking and complimentary shuttle service for your trip out of Newark Airport. Conveniently located less than a mile from the Newark Airport. *Our shuttle runs 24/7 every 20 minutes on the hour to the terminals and will pick you up from the P4 Airtran Station. No oversized vehicles, ONLY one parking space per reservation! Reservations must be made online in advance to take advantage of this internet only special parking rate. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Hilton EWR Indoor Garage Reviews
   Laurie , C   posted on 3/28/2017

I waited for a half hour tonight for the shuttle and it was very crowded. Need more shuttles!

   Adrienne, C   posted on 3/28/2017

Got a spot on the ground floor. Shuttle left on the exact time it was supposed to to the airport. Upon return, I went to P4 at Newark and the shuttle was there 10-15 minutes later. Short ride. No line at check in to "validate" the parking ticket. All around great service!

   Vera, D   posted on 3/28/2017

One change beyond our circumstance, was that out flight returned to LGA. So, we had to now find a ride from LGA to EWR Hilton. Huge inconvenience. Secondly, the lift gate at the garage would not open for us. It kept wanting to charge us $140. So we had to keep calling the lobby of the Hilton to get someone to let us out. Besides that, it went fine. Thank you. Vera

   Dean, S   posted on 3/28/2017

Good as usual. Strangely, the covered parking lot was wet and slippery (cleaning). Also, the bus left a bit late. But I've had worse. Will use again. p.s.: This was a short 'stay' and the 'deal' was not as good v. long stays. It looks like the Global Fee drives up the cost for short stays. Was still a good deal but not by much.

   Vincent , A   posted on 3/27/2017

With snow storm many people I guess did not make it back to Newark to get their cars. So I had a hard time finding a parking space in the indoor parking garage. I think I found the last space.

   Colleen, L   posted on 3/26/2017

Everything went well except for about the 3rd time, the machine would not accept my validated ticket. As I said, this has happened before both when I used the Hilton lot and again under Global. It seems that flimsy cardboard ticket they give you will be rejected if there's the slightest bend in it which means you have to park and go back in. The gentleman from Hilton who helped me said it was the 3rd time that day someone was rejected. Not what you need after traveling for 10 hrs.

   chiming, t   posted on 3/25/2017

Only problem is you are not guaranteed an indoor space so you may pay for one but end up on the roof (outdoor).

   Pat, K   posted on 3/24/2017

Had to wait longer than expected for return shuttle. Other shuttle services picked up twice in the time I was waiting. Not sure if this is normal. Upon checking out, the machine would not accept my validated ticket. I had to back up out of the exit (there were cars behind me that had to move) and go back to the desk to get revalidated. They said "that happens sometimes". I'll likely try again, but this was not a great experience. Drivers were great and bus itself was good.

   James, C   posted on 3/24/2017

Only problem we encountered.. we paid for indoor garage parking but at 7:00am Sunday March 12th no spaces were available and we had to use rooftop parking instead...which was alright but the price was less for rooftop and we paid the indoor rate..

   Laurie, T   posted on 3/24/2017

Had a very pleasant experience with the parking procedure! Very inexpensive and safe! So easy and affordable I will always use this!

   Ross, K   posted on 3/23/2017

As always, excellent place to park, only problem is difficulty in getting to the Turnpike southbound, which requires knowledge of local streets and traffic flows.

   Ramona , W   posted on 3/22/2017

   Brian, R   posted on 3/22/2017

Our driver Percy was great . He was very informative and helpful when we got back

   Frank, S   posted on 3/21/2017


   Wade, D   posted on 3/21/2017

Easy to find and convenient.

   Robert, T   posted on 3/21/2017

Only recommendation would be to run the shuttle a little closer together with time

   Ronald , H   posted on 3/20/2017

Very good experience. Would use your facility again.

   Wycliffe, O   posted on 3/20/2017


   Art, R   posted on 3/20/2017

Prepaid for indoor spot. There weren't any. Vans are in terrible condition. I've seen then in better condition in the dump. Van left hotel on-time. Waited 35 minutes for return van.

   E, S   posted on 3/20/2017

This was a good arrangement but the garage was full when I checked in I had to park in the upper deck which had no cover even though I paid for covered parking.

   Peter, L   posted on 3/19/2017

Parking at EWR -Hilton is easy and affordable thanks to Global Parking. During peak hours the shuttle service is sometimes slow in picking up form the airport It would be helpful if the hotel offers shuttle service more than once every 20-30 minutes

   R, K   posted on 3/19/2017

   Georgette , M   posted on 3/19/2017

   Stephanie, H   posted on 3/18/2017

   Henry, H   posted on 3/17/2017

For the money you cannot beat the parking service provided. The only downfall was the 48 minute wait for the Hilton EWR shuttle to pick us up at the airport. Especially when we observed other hotel shuttles three times each before ours.

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