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Map of Philadelphia Airport

Parking lots near Philadelphia International Airport

Clarion Hotel - Park and Jet

Hours of Operation: Open 24hrs
Shuttle Info: 24/7 On Demand (5mins)
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.37 out of 5 stars   (based on 221 reviews)
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Located 3 mi. from the Philadelphia Airport

Located at the Clarion Hotel & Conference Center just minutes away from Philadelphia International Airport, Park and Jet Airport Parking provides professional parking security and speedy shuttle services. The parking area is gated, fenced in, brightly lit with stadium lights and 100% secured. Courteous attendants provide free luggage assistance, dead battery charge, and flat tire assistance. Safe and experienced drivers provided door-to-door service with pick up at your vehicle and drop off curb side in brand new Omni shuttles, designed with your comfort in mind. Arrive in style and fly with piece of mind, courtesy of Park and Jet. You MUST book online in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate. The address and directions provided on confirmation. Any extensions will be charged $14.95/day at the lot!

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Clarion Hotel - Park and Jet Reviews
   Richard, L   posted on 5/6/2017

Everything was great! Having the reservation made it all even better. Will use again.

   Angel , S   posted on 4/28/2017

   Joseph, F   posted on 3/31/2017

   Ed, S   posted on 3/24/2017

Arriving for first time-not much info. Parking lot was solid ice. Shuttle service excellent to airport but coming back we had to lug our own luggage from curb into seating area of shuttle. All in all pretty good.

   Michael , G   posted on 3/21/2017

Excellent service parking lot was icy but the area had just experienced a storm. Would recommend to friends.

   Owen, P   posted on 3/19/2017

Best airport parking service in Philadelphia, easy to get in and out. Shuttles are timely and drivers friendly. Will continue using this service in the future based on price, service and location.

   william, s   posted on 3/18/2017

there was a lot of snow and ice on the windshield of my car and the driver helped get snow and ice off but broke the passenger side wiper do you have insurance for this? let me know

   Jannene, M   posted on 3/3/2017

   Richard, G   posted on 2/28/2017

This was our second visit. Service was great both times. Thank you!

   Anne, R   posted on 2/20/2017

Will definitely use your services again when flying from Philly.

   Cynthia, L   posted on 2/18/2017

The service was easy and convient. I will highly reccomend to friends and family.

   Daniel, F   posted on 1/30/2017

   Thomas, S   posted on 1/23/2017

   C, H   posted on 1/13/2017

The parking attendant and driver were courtesy and kind. The driver was helpful with the luggage and bags.

   Beth, B   posted on 1/4/2017

   Margaret, C   posted on 1/4/2017

The directions from the south were wrong. We should have turned right instead of left. Luckily we had extra time.

   Bounmy , X   posted on 1/3/2017

Thank you, I'm very happy.

   Frank, P   posted on 1/3/2017

Great Service

   Abha, S   posted on 1/3/2017

   Margaret, B   posted on 1/2/2017

Both leaving and returning to PHL during heavy Holiday travel, Park n' Jet provided superior service! I really appreciate the way the drivers guide you to a parking space and unload luggage.On the return trip, they're equally helpful locating your car and loading bags! Will look forward to making reservations for future travel. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

   jack, b   posted on 1/1/2017

   Hitesh, G   posted on 12/30/2016

   George, F   posted on 12/30/2016

Quick, Convenient, and damned nice people.

   Ross, x   posted on 12/18/2016

Parking lot is easy to find on a main road. The parking lot is usually crowded but have always been able to find a spot. Shuttles are sometimes slow to pick you up but drivers are courteous and helpful. Had trouble this trip calling for pickup - having to call several times before reaching them. Shuttles run fairly often so may not have needed to get anyone to get pickup. They tend to fillup an the first gates so you may end up waiting if you arrive at a later gate.

   D, L   posted on 11/26/2016

Great alternative to long term parking at airport. Super easy to get to. Was traveling alone so particularly loved being picked up and dropped off right at my car. When I arrived back at sirport and called, van arrived in less than 5 minutes. My new parking lot for sure!

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