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Map of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Parking lots near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport


Hours of Operation: 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 24/7 on demand
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Secure Gated Self
4.08 out of 5 stars   (based on 374 reviews)
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Located 1.7 mi. from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport

Summer Special Only $4.00/day! That's 33% off our normal price of $6.00/day ALL summer long! Sundance Airport Parking is part of the American Express Travel Network. This is a secure gated and fenced facility with 24/7 security camera surveillance. They have convenient 24/7 on demand shuttles service provided by Sky Harbor Shuttles. Only 5 minutes from the airport with an experienced and courteous staff, Sundance is the best option for Phoenix travelers looking to save on airport parking. If the lot is full when you arrive, you'll be direct to park at Sky Harbor Airport Parking half a mile away, at no extra cost, Sundance is owned by Sky Harbor AP. You MUST print your confirmation and present it upon arrival. Address and directions provided upon confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Sundance Reviews
   Steve, C   posted on 5/6/2017

   joanie, K   posted on 4/30/2017

The wait was OK to the airport, but the pick up was slow.

   David, K   posted on 4/27/2017

   Lona, T   posted on 3/26/2017

I like to use this service. Easy to find and very helpful.

   Louis, C   posted on 3/26/2017

This was the second time we used Sundance parking area. Both times, the Kiosk did not work with the printout from when we made the reservation, so we had to pay with the attendant inside. If this would have been outside of the hours where a attendant was there, this would have been a huge inconvenience.

   DAVID J, V   posted on 3/25/2017

the shuttle service would be excellent except for: poor directions. the directions should include the fact that the shuttles are in front of the taxi cabs, which is closer to exit door 7( I believe). I spent too much time trying to find the right shuttle service.

   Melvin, H   posted on 3/22/2017

The problem is we were not told where to meet the shuttle or the name on the shuttle to look for. We waited a half hour and had to call a second time and was then given the information about the shuttle. We saw no Global or Sundance Shuttles so it would be helpful to list on the reservation what shuttle to look for by name. Thanks.

   Donald, K   posted on 3/21/2017

The attendent atempted to rob me when I tried to check-out. My receipt clearly showed I owed $25. but she demanded $160. and would not let us go untill I threatened to call the police. That black bitch belongs in jail

   David, L   posted on 3/18/2017

   Larry, C   posted on 3/17/2017

I never used this Parking Company before but it worked great for us.

   George, M   posted on 3/14/2017

   Jennine, N   posted on 3/7/2017

I have used Sundance a few times and have always had great service. The pick-up shuttle driver, Tony, was fabulous!

   Juan, C   posted on 2/25/2017

The lay out of the parking lot is a mess, hard to figure out.

   Pam, K   posted on 2/16/2017

   Michelle, L   posted on 1/10/2017

It actually cost me more to reserve and prepay than if I had just gone to the lot and paid the standard daily fee. No savings whatsoever, but convenient, easy to find and friendly staff. I will not be using this service again.

   donald, p   posted on 1/8/2017

I used my own GPS. I could not understand your directions coming from Tucson. I'm also checking if you charged me too much.

   Jackie, H   posted on 1/6/2017

   james, w   posted on 1/2/2017

the reservation was with Sundance but we got sent to Sky Harbor pkg. they were completely full so they parked us perpendicular to the already parked cars so we had to leave our keys so they could move us. should not accept reservations if there isn't enough space. don't like leaving our keys

   Jim, J   posted on 1/2/2017

   Darrel, F   posted on 12/31/2016

We arrived at about 4am lot was full and nobody around so was confusing for a first timer. After about 7-10 min a lady came and directed us to a different lot. Leaving the lot we had our printed conformation papers, attendant was rather rude until we found parking slip.

   Zach, T   posted on 12/31/2016

Everyone was helpful and quick. I would definitely use this parking service again.

   Jack, J   posted on 12/30/2016

We had to go to an other parking lot as the one ,Sundance>we had reservations for was fu;l. That was little bit of an problem as this lot was ful to and we had to park beind two cars and leave the key in the car. When we went to pick up the car it was in another sot and in the dark t was hard to find

   Steven, S   posted on 12/29/2016

We had a reservation at Sundance Airport Parking but the parking lot was full. We were directed to Sky Harbor Airport Parking a mile or so down the road and told we could park there. This was a large dark lot. We parked at night in the rain, but were able to find a spot. It was a covered spot, which we thought would be fine. When we left that lot on our return, we were charged an extra $2.00 per day for the covered space. This was totally unexpected and we considered it an unfair extra charge.

   Randy, C   posted on 12/29/2016

Everything was great except the final payment process. I got to the exit kiosk at the Sundance lot around 9pm, and the credit card insert mechanism was not illuminated, and I could not properly see where or how to insert my credit card. The attendant had to come outside and physically insert my card into the dark credit card mechanism. The attendant was very helpful, but next time I hope that the kiosk is more well lit up so I can check out on my own!

   Carol, W   posted on 12/29/2016

Crowded parking spaces and a little hard to locate at first.

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