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Map of Port Everglades Seaport

Parking lots near Port Everglades

US-1 Airport Parking - Port

Hours of Operation: 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 24 hours On Demand*
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Valet
3.7 out of 5 stars   (based on 484 reviews)
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Located 1 mi. from the Port Everglades Seaport

Located just west of Ft. Lauderdale Port Everglades right off of S.R. 84. Only 1/2 mile from your cruise docks. Free shuttle service is provided to and from the port, call when you are ready for pick-up and the next available shuttle will bring you back to your car. Our safe and secure lot is fully fenced, well lit, paved, and open 24/7. *Over-sized vehicles will be charged $2.00 extra per day, any extended cab pick-up or larger. NO COMMERCIAL VEHICLES. Reservations must be made online in advance to take advantage of this internet only special parking rate. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

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Condition of parking lot and shuttle
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US-1 Airport Parking - Port Reviews
   APRIL , B   posted on 2/8/2017

   Marian, K   posted on 1/11/2017

Unfortunately, our car was dirty from bird droppings. It took a lott of work to get it cleaned up.

   David, P   posted on 1/10/2017

   Richard, B   posted on 12/28/2016

When I got back in Florida I called your number. What I got was "we can't answer The phone right now, leave a message and number and we will get back to you" Then it said " the mail box was full, try again later". What a way to run a business. I had to get a cab to get to your place of business. Cost me another $20.00. Think I'm happy about that???

   William, G   posted on 12/27/2016

US-1 was not prepared to handle the large number of prepaid reservations. Check in procedures should be improved to shorten the hour long wait time outdoors and with intermittent rain. Vans were too small to accommodate the number of passengers scheduled for transit both ways. Had long waits for the next van. We stood outside the cruise ship 2 hours even though we were told they were 'on their way'.

   Emery, G   posted on 12/24/2016

had to wait an hour before we got the shuttle upon our return. Not good enough.

   Gordon, G   posted on 12/12/2016

Great service to and from Serenade of the Sea- dock 18. You did a great job!

   Carlton, C   posted on 12/8/2016

Checking in took 1 hr to get shuttle to port. Return took 1 hr to get pick up. Very impressed that our cars were waiting for us when we arrived at lot. Driver was helpful and polite.

   Alistair, C   posted on 12/6/2016

Worst experience EVER!! Had to take taxis both directions since shuttles were so slow and unorganized. Waited in line over an hour to drop off key and get receipt. Shuttle NEVER SHOWED UP AT PIER within 1 1/2 hours of calling. NEVER AGAIN!!! I'll be spreading this around hoping to spare others this awful experience. Ended up costing WAY to much in time and money....

   nicholas, a   posted on 12/5/2016

Love Tampa this one not so much.Need more help and pickup vans.

   Cheryl, S   posted on 12/4/2016

We had to wait over an hour to check in for our reservation. There were many angry customers awaiting shuttles to and from the terminal. We ended up taking a taxi to the cruise ship ourselves or we would have missed our deadline. Many customers picking up their vehicles waited longer than two hours because their keys could not be found. We will not be using your service again

   Patricia, H   posted on 12/4/2016

1 1/2 hour wait to check-in. We were told 2 shuttle drivers did not show for work. Had to take a taxi to port. Had a taxi to return because the wait site so there was about a 1/2 hour wait to get our car to drive away.

   Andrew, R   posted on 12/4/2016

It took almost a hour to check in to your lot, because the guy kept answering his phone and letting us stand there while he talked on phone, and when we called from the port to pick us up I had to make two calls to you because we were standing there waiting for 50 minutes waiting to be pickup up after we made the first call to you, however in both going to the port and being picked up at the port the driver was very nice and apologized in both cases.

   Behroz, P   posted on 12/4/2016

They need more personnel and Shuttel, Delivery is over one hours, picking up from Terminal was morthan 1:25 minut, I had to get Taxi to go to the Parking lot at 2800 S. Fedral. I may don't use any more. Thank you

   Blaine, D   posted on 11/29/2016

To find the lot is tricky with out a GPS in my opinion. There is not a real visible sign from the highway. When we arrived at the lot on departure, the van was there and took us right to the port. Coming back when we called we were told a 40 minute wait for the shuttle, but really was only about 20 minutes. When we got to the lot our car wouldn't start and the people there at the lot were great at getting it started for us.

   mcalpine, R   posted on 11/22/2016

When we arrived on time they told us to go away and come back in 2 hours because they had no space. We waited with a angry crowd and were so late arriving at the port we were at the end of a line with about 2500 people waited 3 Hrs. The worst was the pick up on our return. We waited about two hours after calling for pickup because they said they did not schedule enough drivers. Then they could not find anyones keys because of a terrible filing system. Found our own car & spare key left angry

   Harry, D   posted on 11/21/2016

On the Sunday we arrived one of the shuttles had broken down. One shuttle had to handle all departures to/from Air Port and Port. No back-up plan. Your crew lost one customer's keys. On our return lines were backed up and those leaving had their cars blocked in and we were there for a couple hours getting our cars. I waited 2 hours for your shuttle and finally caught a cab. Will never use Global again.

   Faye, C   posted on 11/20/2016

This was absolutely the worst transfer experience in my entire life. It took 1 1/2 hours to pick us up off the ship. I had to wait forever in between screaming customers. EVERYONE (about 100 people)IN THE ENTIRE LOT WAS PISSED OFF! 1 small van for 7 ships. I got off the ship at 9 am and finally got to leave at 12 noon. There was nobody at the desk and drivers were answering the phones from irate customers. My SUV was jammed into a fence and scratched my bumper. NOT HAPPY! NEVER AGAIN!

   Bob, B   posted on 11/19/2016

Shuttle service was very slow. We took a cab back, but our van was delivered quickly.

   Lynn, S   posted on 11/7/2016

Our departure experience was excellent. However, our return was less than good. We waited over 30 minutes for the shuttle to arrive at the port, after 3 phone calls. When it did arrive there was only room for two people, although six were waiting. The driver was very aprupt and complained that he was the only driver on a day when seven ships were in port. His return to the lot took us the long way around and then he made no effort to assist with the baggage once it was off the van. Not the usual

   Adrian, W   posted on 8/13/2016

Easy to find and affordable.

   Reynaldo , G   posted on 6/26/2016

Need shades, cars overcrowded. Need a sign as well.

   Ruthanne, E   posted on 5/23/2016

I have used this pkg. shuttle service many times prior, however NEVER AGAIN. It took 50 min. from the time I called for pickup until we received our car. Wait was long, but driver was friendly. When at lot, attendant was busy listening to a sport event. Car should have been waiting, since they knew when the flight was due). Couldn't find our car. When he finally did, it was blocked in, and had to move another car. No apologies were given or help offered w/luggage. Incompetent and lazy.

   Ed, G   posted on 5/18/2016

   edward, j   posted on 5/8/2016

Had to wait 50 minutes to be picked up after I called when we returned from our cruise. That sucked

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