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Map of Port of Miami Seaport

Premier Cruise Parking Port of Miami

Hours of Operation: 7:30am-4pm
Shuttle Info: 7:30am-3:30pm
Parking Lot Type: Secure Garage
Parking Service: Self
4.3 out of 5 stars   (based on 1967 reviews)
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Located 1.2 mi. from the Port of Miami Seaport

Miami's Best option for Port of Miami Cruise Parking! We have the closest and safest parking facility. Enjoy Garage parking only a mile from the Port of Miami! With continuous shuttle service why park anywhere else? On the day of your cruise complimentary shuttle service starts at 11:00 AM and runs continuously to the Cruise Terminals until 3:30 PM. On your return to the port our shuttle runs constantly from 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Pick ups usually take 15-20 minutes but allow up to 30 minutes. No parking outside of shuttle hours. Maximum 4 passengers. NO exceptions. You can drop off extras at the port and then come back to park. Complete address and driving directions are available on your confirmation. Please click the view map link above if you would like to see where we are located. Garage Clearance is 6'8" or 80 inches. No OVERSIZED vehicles (ie. RV's, big trucks, etc.)*During peak travel periods, we reserve the right to substitute self for valet parking at our discretion*

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Premier Cruise Parking Port of Miami Reviews
   ron, s   posted on 4/18/2015

I got what I expected at a fair price. I thought I knew where you were located in fact I have parked there before when I found it. The tunnel messed me up I hadn't driven in Miami for a while.

   Lawrence, F   posted on 4/18/2015

Would have been five stars except we had to wait at the port for 30 minutes. We didn't have to wait at all when we were going from the parking to the ship. No problems at all, driver was very helpful and nice (even when passengers were rude) and the instructions we were given were very clear and easy to follow. Will use Premier for my next Miami cruise.

   Jason, A   posted on 4/18/2015

I came back to find my car covered with layers upon layers of construction dust. The whole reason why I chose to park with you was to keep my car safe and clean. So much for clean!

   emanuel, s   posted on 4/18/2015

   John, P   posted on 4/18/2015

On return driver dropped us off 1 1/2 floors below our car and we had to take own luggage up to car we are 75 years old. Disappointing and put a sad end to a mice trip. All else was as advertised

   Johnny, W   posted on 4/18/2015

Only had to wait a short time for next shuttle. Our only issue was our garment bag slid under the rear seat and the driver had left the drop off area before we realized the bag was missing. But when we called and the driver was contacted, he immediately returned to the drop off area and brought us the bag. On departure, it was crazy trying to get the shuttle and we had to wait for the second shuttle for room for us and our bags.

   marshelley, m   posted on 4/18/2015

This is my second time using premier parking. Everyone is so professional and punctual. I encourage anyone looking to cruise out of Miami to use PREMIER PARKING!

   Liane , H   posted on 4/18/2015

I would park there again. Parking garage is tough just because of the construction outside of it (but the picture online of what the garage looks like helped) Older gentleman was not really nice to myself and 4 other cars who "drove by him" and parked during checkin. He was not in the checkin area and somehow blamed us. We had to walk back and find him to stamp our ticket. Younger skinnier gentleman was very nice at arrival and picking us up today! Would use the service again.

   Thomas, H   posted on 4/17/2015

No problems, received info at ion on printed sheet for pick up after cruise...nice. Close to pier. Would use it again.

   Anthony, D   posted on 4/17/2015

This is a no brainer. Will do it again next year.

   Lewis, L   posted on 4/17/2015

Would use again.

   Helen, O   posted on 4/17/2015

Everything was great ! ! ! The drivers needs to take a little more time telling customers the exact location they will be picked up on their return. Was our first experience, would use them again. Very smooth operation....

   Mike, R   posted on 4/17/2015

   Rene, G   posted on 4/16/2015

   Dave, P   posted on 4/16/2015

Transfers to and from the Port were timely. However our car was blocked by a Garage van when we returned. We had to wait for the driver to return from his next trip to move the van.

   Richard, R   posted on 4/16/2015

Best experience to date. 2 minutes in garage and shuttle waiting when we arrived.

   Allen, K   posted on 4/16/2015

   Ronald, H   posted on 4/16/2015

Very good service.

   Regina, K   posted on 4/15/2015

One shuttle running on sunday 4/5/15, long line of passengers waiting to get to ship. We dropped luggage and family off at port, parked truck with no luggage to return to port, were able to get on shuttle faster. Return was excellent. Several (3) vans ready for pickup within 10 minutes apart to get passengers back to parking lot. I will definitely use Global again.

   David, L   posted on 4/14/2015

We were lucky to just hit the shuttle service as they were picking up people to transport. On older couple on our shuttle had difficulty because they needed to be dropped off at their car, which was not the policy. In busier times, it may be necessary to have more shuttles running.

   Amanda , P   posted on 4/14/2015

   Alan, B   posted on 4/14/2015

   Tomasz, D   posted on 4/13/2015

   Jeanine , W   posted on 4/13/2015

   Roberta, M   posted on 4/13/2015

Prompt service, courteous driver. Would suggest that you give out numbers upon arrival. Everyone standing in line waiting for shuttle and there was confusion over who got there first and who should get on the shuttle first

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