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Map of Port of Miami Seaport

Premier Cruise Parking Port of Miami

Hours of Operation: 7:30am-4pm
Shuttle Info: 7:30am-3:30pm
Parking Lot Type: Secure Garage
Parking Service: Self
4.45 out of 5 stars   (based on 1192 reviews)
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Located 1.2 mi. from the Port of Miami Seaport

Miami's Best option for Port of Miami Cruise Parking! We have the closest and safest parking facility. Enjoy Garage parking only a mile from the Port of Miami! With continuous shuttle service why park anywhere else? On the day of your cruise complimentary shuttle service starts at 11:00 AM and runs continuously to the Cruise Terminals until 3:30 PM. On your return to the port our shuttle runs constantly from 7:30 AM. Pick ups usually take 15-20 minutes but allow up to 30 minutes. No parking outside of shuttle hours. Maximum 4 passengers. NO exceptions. You can drop off extras at the port and then come back to park. Complete address and driving directions are available on your confirmation. Please click the view map link above if you would like to see where we are located. Garage Clearance is 6'8" or 80 inches. No OVERSIZED vehicles (ie. RV's, big trucks, etc.)

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Premier Cruise Parking Port of Miami Reviews
   Irene, L   posted on 9/19/2014

   John, C   posted on 9/19/2014

Very close to port and easy to find . Would def use again.

   Travis, C   posted on 9/19/2014

Our driver was prompt and courteous, even in the face of irate passengers looking for another parking service (premiere adventure?). The lot was easy to find, as was the pickup spot, and this is not a criticism toward you, but toward the cruise terminal, but the lot was a distance away which was a bit of a hike for my handicapped husband. The van was very clean, but a bit malodorous and shabby. Pricing was excellent; we would definitely recommend this service and would use it again. Thanks!

   Sharon, B   posted on 9/18/2014

Parking facility and driver were great. Address on the confirmation and actual address were different, making it hard to find, especially if your not familiar with downtown Miami.

   Gene, A   posted on 9/18/2014

We will most defiantly use Premier again! Thank You

   Richard, M   posted on 9/18/2014

The lot closed before I arrived. I did not see on my paperwork that lot closed at 3:30. Our ship did not depart until 7 pm, so we did not arrive in time to use this service. I would like a refund of my rate, less the fee portion of course. I will be happy to try your lot again next time, now that I know the time lime.

   Yanarda, M   posted on 9/16/2014

Service was good for my first experience in that type of situation we waited bout 115 mins.or so,but after we called the numberon yhe blue sheet the pulled in immediately so yeah osay good

   Clifford, M   posted on 9/16/2014

   Peter, T   posted on 9/15/2014

It is the 'BEST' parking for the Port of Miami.

   Marc , B   posted on 9/15/2014

No problems. Good location. Fairly quick shuttle. Saved a ton. Thanks.

   D, T   posted on 9/15/2014

This is my fifth time parking at the garage. It is near the port, covered, and customer service is excellent. I will definitely recommend this place to my friends.

   Raymond, L   posted on 9/15/2014

   Danny, C   posted on 9/15/2014

Very quick!! Good experience.

   Anthony, M   posted on 9/15/2014

   Jim, K   posted on 9/15/2014

Easy to get from lot to ship. BUT FROM SHIP TO LOT IT SUCKED. Watched your van drive right by us with no one in it. Van came back 37 minutes later but was full. Driver got out and started to load luggage but had no room for passengers. Never even told the group of us how many he could take until I yelled the question at him. After waiting almost an hour for your "service" I walked bak to terminal waitiped in line for a taxi paid $20 to go to your lot and still beat the van back there. You gu

   Mary, E   posted on 9/15/2014

   Stephen, H   posted on 9/14/2014

   Gaston, B   posted on 9/14/2014

ou driver was great and friendly and helpful. Did not like the directions to find the parking. Otherwise I am very satisfied and for sure use your services next time and recommand you. Thanks!

   anna, k   posted on 9/14/2014

   Stanley, B   posted on 9/14/2014

For those of us who have a height disadvantage, a step stool would be most appreciated. I am 5'1" and 68 years old. Fortunately my husband could give me a boost but it was quite a challenge for several passengers on both trips. Otherwise, thanks for the prompt service.

   Bob, O   posted on 9/14/2014

Very good experience.

   Bart, C   posted on 9/14/2014

On the return trip the blue sheet did not say to go to the parking lot. We waited at terminal B for 45 minutes and finally called the number and was told to go over to the parking lot. We were not the only people that had the same problem. We had used your service before and was picked up at the terminal B. It would be helpful if the blue sheet gave more exact instruction. Otherwise everything was very nice.

   Timothy, S   posted on 9/14/2014

We selected your lot for covered parking which we did not get.we were also told a shuttle would run every 20 minutes we were off the ship at 8am and sat in the shuttle until 8:45am waiting for two more passengers to fill the shuttle.

   Robert, C   posted on 9/14/2014

Registering online for our Sep. 6-13 parking was very easy. Upon arrival driver too us directly to the MSC Divina. Upon ship departure Sep. 13, we were off the ship at 7am. First Premier van came by terminal-F at shortly after 8am, not 7:30am. When we got back to our car, found a nightclub sticker put on my driver side window that wouldn't peel off. Had to wait until I came home to use razor blade. Why is this advertising allowed in the secured parking building? We will book again in March 2015.

   Donna, C   posted on 9/13/2014

You need to make sure that people parking know to stay and wait by there cars for pickup. Everything else was great.

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