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Parking lots near San Francisco International Airport

Hyatt Regency SFO

Hours of Operation: Open 24hrs
Shuttle Info: 24/7*
Parking Lot Type: Gated Garage
Parking Service: Self
4.62 out of 5 stars   (based on 991 reviews)
(review this lot)

Located 2 mi. from the San Francisco Airport

GARAGE PARKING at the Hyatt Regency SFO just outside the airport. Free Shuttle is provided 24/7. Schedule: 12:06am to 4:06am(every 30 minutes) 4:06am to 9:06am (every 10minutes) 9:06am to 7:06pm (every 15 minutes) 7:06pm to 11:06pm (every 10 minutes) 11:06pm to 12:06am (every 15 minutes) The garage has a height restriction of 6'4'' maximum vehicle height. You MUST make a reservation online in order to take advantage of this internet-only parking rate. ADDRESS and DIRECTIONS provided on confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Hyatt Regency SFO Reviews
   m, m   posted on 2/5/2018

   Mary, C   posted on 1/26/2018

Very easy, very clean, very timely service. Worked out great for us

   Krista, B   posted on 1/3/2018

   Anthony, W   posted on 1/3/2018

   Erica, M   posted on 1/3/2018

   Alejandro, H   posted on 1/2/2018

   Dave, C   posted on 1/2/2018

   Bailey, L   posted on 1/2/2018

Is there a frequent flyer program or a membership program with monthly fees that would provide for discounted rates?

   Michelle, M   posted on 1/2/2018

All good!!! Thx

   Jeff, G   posted on 1/1/2018

   Nora, M   posted on 1/1/2018

Hyatt provides a great self-parking service. Although, the instructions that globalariprtparking.com provided me in email were vague and sometimes ambiguous. That should be improved. If the front dnd manager weren’t so helpful, I would be still wandering around trying ro find out how to leave the parking lot with my car... Other than that I was happy with the whole experience.

   Davis, B   posted on 12/31/2017

   Lisa, C   posted on 12/31/2017

   Christian, S   posted on 12/31/2017

One of the Valet drivers kindly stopped to jump my car when I arrived back to a dead battery. Very nice service.

   Annette, M   posted on 12/31/2017

   Ming, S   posted on 12/31/2017

The parking cost was 19$/day when I booked online. I was charged 210$ and there was no details where the extra charges come from.

   Jorge, A   posted on 12/31/2017

   Jacqueline, P   posted on 12/31/2017

   Derek, R   posted on 12/30/2017

   Pamela, W   posted on 12/30/2017

It seems that every time I try to exit, the card they give me doesn’t work. But I ring the bell, and they let me out.

   Samantha, B   posted on 12/29/2017

This was an excellent parking spot with a great shuttle service except on the way back. I suggest marking which exits your shuttles pick up near. We waited for 35 minuets when a shuttle should have come every 10. The driver needed to be flagged down and he said he didn’t stop at our puck up point but there were no signs say which shuttles pickup where.

   Tim, E   posted on 12/29/2017

   Lois, R   posted on 12/29/2017

All went well. Thank you. Not sure the best way to handle this, but I felt some sympathy for the driver because he jumps up and starts setting bags down, but at the same time passengers start getting out. It's a bit of a muddle. If the passengers would let him get the bags out and then exit it would be much better. However, people are impatient and I guess they would then have to search for their bags. I'm not sure the best way to handle it, but I feel sorry for the driver.

   Bob, F   posted on 12/29/2017

   Amit, j   posted on 12/27/2017

Overall an excellent end 2 end experience.

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