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EZ ParkFly SJC

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every 10min.
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self/Valet
4.14 out of 5 stars   (based on 394 reviews)
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Located 0.5 mi. from the San Jose Airport

Only half a mile from the San Jose airport terminals. We provide safe and secure off airport parking at low rates! Why pay more? Our shuttles run every 10 minutes 24/7y to and from San Jose airport. The address and driving directions are provided on your confirmation. Self parking option based on availability and there may be an additional charge for self parking.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
EZ ParkFly SJC Reviews
   T, B   posted on 8/26/2018

   Marilyn, C   posted on 8/26/2018

   Robert , S   posted on 8/22/2018

Very efficient and convenient once I found the drop off lot. Finding the lot in the dark was confusing and difficult. Directions to the lot from 880 could be improved upon, Will use your service again.

   James, P   posted on 8/21/2018

   Marcy, C   posted on 8/6/2018

Awesome, We use them Every time we fly.

   Dean, H   posted on 7/23/2018

We haven’t been flying out of SJC much these days and had forgotten your about your lot till I saw it on line. We loved our experience with once again! Easy to find, easy to reserve, great shuttle, everyone very courteous and a pleasure to interact with. We highly recommend your parking lot. Thanks!

   Aaron, L   posted on 7/18/2018

I was able to get out of city faster than the airflight with my car. thank you!

   Brian, F   posted on 7/13/2018

Your employees did a fantastic job. Did they clean the windows of the car prior to us picking it back up? The whole car? The state of the car was amazing. Thank you for your care.

   Marcy, C   posted on 1/2/2018

   Peter, S   posted on 12/31/2017

The shuttle took 20 minutes to arrive after we called. Since the parking lot is close, I called for an update after 10 , was told 2 minutes to go; it took another 10. Most troubling though, when we parked at the start of our trip, the man at the booth was badgering the customer who had paid up, to give him a cash add-on, for some cause or other. This has happened to me before. I called global this time to report, and was VERY happy with global’s response. We will Not use this lot again.

   William, B   posted on 12/6/2017

   miles, h   posted on 5/9/2017

I was beginning to think the lot was closed for the evening when I dropped off my car. No attendants around for 5 minutes. Not good for your business. The other frustration was the phone tree I had to endure upon returning from my trip. If you give your customers a number to call for a ride, it should be answered by a human promptly. My hands are full of baggage and I'm tired, I shouldn't have to play that game. Otherwise good service, courteous attendants, nice shuttle.

   clrence, R   posted on 5/2/2017

Will use again

   David, S   posted on 5/1/2017

Love that they use an ELECTRIC shuttle vehicle- zero emissions!

   Arnold, S   posted on 4/29/2017

   Robert, M   posted on 4/27/2017

I will park here next time I fly out of San Jose

   Nathan, A   posted on 4/24/2017

The shuttle took too long to come back to pick us up and the first time it was packed. They should have one shuttle coming and the other shuttle going. We saw the first shuttle just parked on the side with no one in it after it did one trip!

   Pat, L   posted on 4/17/2017

   Lellivi, C   posted on 4/14/2017

   Janet, C   posted on 4/11/2017

   Denise, O   posted on 4/3/2017

It's just that there were NO LIGHTS on in the parking lot; at the entrance to the right is the lot I had to park in. It would have helped to have those lights on. I'm not sure I would use it again if I have to leave or return in the dark, which I did this time. The attendants were great and the shuttle drivers was very nice, especially on Thursday 3/30 at 5:30am. 5 stars only if you get those LIGHTS ON. PLEASE!

   michael, f   posted on 3/28/2017

I would recommend the parking. It would have been nice if they took me to my car when I got back to the lot

   Gary, S   posted on 3/23/2017

So nice to come back to our wonderful bay area

   Francisco, I   posted on 3/1/2017

Our prepaid reservation number was not showing at departure, so we needed to call in and help fix the issue with the clerk.

   E, G   posted on 2/27/2017

the return shuttle driver was speaking on a hand held phone while driving; I thought this was illegal. Not sure if there is an exemption for shuttle drivers but I doubt it. Distance from airport is deceptive as to get to the parking lot, you need to go a roundabout way that is farther than advertised.

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