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Map of Seattle Seatac Airport

Parking lots near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center Renton SEA

Hours of Operation: Open 24hrs
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs *See More Info
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.18 out of 5 stars   (based on 312 reviews)
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Located 4.6 mi. from the Seattle Seatac Airport

Book Online and Save! We provide economical airport parking a quick 8-10 minute shuttle ride away from Seattle International Airport. Our Shuttle Runs 24 hrs Every 30 minutes if requested (call 15 minutes prior to anticipated shuttle departure to guarantee availability) from the hotel to the airport and on demand (Call) for the return shuttle.You must book your parking online and show up with your confirmation. Address and Driving Directions will be provided on conformation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Red Lion Hotel & Conference Center Renton SEA Reviews
   Elaine, S   posted on 8/27/2018

There was not enough room in the first shuttle, but the driver LaDonna came back with a larger vehicle so that all could fit on board!

   Ahmed, H   posted on 8/22/2018

   Svend, R   posted on 12/30/2017

   Dan, G   posted on 1/4/2017

The shuttle to the airport was good however the shuttle from the airport took about 45 minutes and 2 phone calls. The attendant was great, however.

   richard, m   posted on 1/3/2017

Kinda a confusing area to find, Just a basic parking lot , I was a little concerned about distance away from airport but very happy bout how it worked for us Thank You

   Zac, .   posted on 12/28/2016

   Tom, K   posted on 12/27/2016

Great people both ways! Will use in the future. Very prompt service thank you

   Samantha, S   posted on 11/20/2016

My ride to the airport was average; shuttle was fifteen minutes late but I had time to spare. On the way back to Red Lion, the shuttle driver was extremely rude, not to mention late. I honestly don't mind the tardiness, but to treat someone paying for your service so poorly is unacceptable. When we got back to the hotel, people were hammered in the lobby & getting high outside the front entrance. It was a total gong show. Thank goodness my car was safe. I will not be using Red Lion ever again.

   Paula, S   posted on 8/25/2016

   Tami, V   posted on 8/8/2016

We had a long wait on our return trip from the airport.

   Sarah, L   posted on 4/6/2016

40 minute wait for shuttle at Seatac.

   Gina, G   posted on 2/21/2016

This is my second time using this service!! Anytime I fly out of SeaTac, I will use this service!!!

   julie, h   posted on 12/30/2015

I've been to 2 other locations such as jet set parking 2. But this one "red lion hotel parking" has only 2 shuttles. When we just arrived to the hotel, receptionist was unfriendly. On the way back to the parking lot from the airport, we waited 45mins for the shuttle returning to parking lot. I am not going to go back to red lion hotel parking again.

   Tandi, S   posted on 12/30/2015

Parking is not secure at all; behind hotel in a sketchy area. Shuttle drivers: one was admittedly grumpy (really early in the morning) and the other was excessively sarcastic and "humorously" rude. However, both were able to get us from the hotel to/from the airport in a reasonable amount of time. Heads up: location of hotel is weird if using GPS coming from 405 south. It takes you on a quadruple loop on and off 167 (I believe). Morning front desk attendant was fairly vague about where to park.

   Amelia, F   posted on 12/28/2015

I was very impresded! At first they thought the shuttle I needed to make my flight would be full, so they offered to call a taxi for me and pay for it. On the way back the driver dropped me off right at my car.

   Janice, F   posted on 12/28/2015

I was generally very pleased with this service. My one suggestion is that you put more specifics on the receipt about where to pick the shuttle up after returning to SeaTac. I had no idea from what was written and the first call left me just as confused. It took a second call to locate the proper island and specific place. This should be printed right on the receipt and a diagram from baggage pick-up would help, too. The driver was excellent!

   donald, s   posted on 12/3/2015

First driver was terrible. We were in a hurry and she stopped to let four buses in ahead of her at one time. Courtesy is fine, but that was riduculous. Our return driver was very good and professional.

   rafa, v   posted on 9/24/2015

   W, E   posted on 7/5/2015

I would use this place again. I think it may have been my fault that i had such trouble finding it. The only other slight down side was I asked the hotel front desk if I needed to call the shuttle when I got back to get picked up and they said no, just wait where I got dropped off. After 20 minutes I decided to use the courtesy phone and then found out that they had not left to the airport but were leaving right then and would be 25 minutes. I could have saved a half hour had I known to call.

   S. William, M   posted on 5/18/2015

   A, H   posted on 4/12/2015

Excellent place to park and very courteous service.

   Bernard, H   posted on 1/26/2015

   Marjorie, L   posted on 1/21/2015

I love the convenience and the staff at the Red Lion are so courteous and helpful. Our shuttle drivers have been outstanding and the shuttle ride is usually very entertaining. Love your service!!!

   Darwin, W   posted on 1/18/2015

Found our new parking spot!the lot is flat, paved, clean, and well lit. Easy access off 405 in Renton. Much better then the junky lots closer to the airport. we parked here for 5 weeks while in China. will use again!

   Edmand, N   posted on 1/14/2015

Pick-up time at Sea-Tac Airport was not punctual and shuttle did not arrive in 15 minutes after making the telephone call to front desk. Shuttle van was 10 minutes late. The traffic in the area was not that good at about 2pm. We are still confident with parking at the Red Lion Renton and would book again for future hotel stay or parking. Staff members at front desk were courteous and drivers were friendly and helpful. Parking space was about half a minute walk from the temporary shuttle stop.

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