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Westshore Grand Uncovered Garage Valet

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day.
Shuttle Info: 5am-1am Every 30min.
Parking Lot Type: Garage
Parking Service: Valet
4.44 out of 5 stars   (based on 2220 reviews)
(review this lot)

Located 1.5 mi. from the Tampa Airport

You are parking at and taking the shuttle from The Westshore Grand Hotel. The hotel is located inside of the Urban Centre Complex. The parking garage is attached to the rear of the building and the valet drive is located at the front of the hotel off of Kennedy Blvd. Please note the parking option you have selected and follow the directions to parking facility. We provide safe and secure uncovered garage parking (on the rooftop). Complimentary shuttle runs from 5:00AM-1:00AM every day every 30 minutes on the hour and half-hour and on demand for pickups. Garage height is 6'8'' NO OVER-SIZED vehicles will fit in the garage. Reservations must be made online.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Westshore Grand Uncovered Garage Valet Reviews
   Barbara, T   posted on 1/16/2017

Excellent service! I have used your service many times before and will continue to do so.

   Philip, W   posted on 1/15/2017

   Julie, R   posted on 1/15/2017

   John, S   posted on 1/14/2017

You need to advertise the name of the hotel on Kennedy where parking is available

   Wayne, D   posted on 1/14/2017

   Tonia, P   posted on 1/13/2017

We used the valet parking option and everything went perfectly from start to finish.

   Cosimo, R   posted on 1/13/2017

   Jean, G   posted on 1/13/2017

   Dee, F   posted on 1/12/2017

I had a hard time trying to find a lot I could trust and at a great deal being I've heard stories about lots having your keys and car yet they were closed on your return so I chose the Grands' parking facilities. We arrived at 530am and had just missed the shuttle I pulled into the lot he pulled out, I was told I'd have to wait til 6am for the next, flight was at 7am. I ended up paying $15 for a taxi ride. awaiting the shuttle on return I saw 3 shuttle's from competitors come & go. Choose wisely

   John F., M   posted on 1/12/2017

The program was all that I have expected. Good job by all.

   Wendy, W   posted on 1/10/2017

   robert, r   posted on 1/10/2017

very clean and easy

   Barbara, W   posted on 1/10/2017

The woman at the hotel gave us the wrong place to wait at the airport however police directed us

   Howard, F   posted on 1/10/2017

The service was prompt and very courteous. We will definitely use again.

   Ginny, S   posted on 1/10/2017

Excellent service and great employees!

   Richard, N   posted on 1/9/2017

   Julie, R   posted on 1/9/2017

   Lynne, D   posted on 1/8/2017

They have changed the name of the hotel and didn,t bother to tell me.....stood there for an hour waiting for the shuttle...ended up calling in again to find that the shuttle guy had been going round the parking lot with the new hotel name on the van.....NOT IMPRESSED

   Albino, A   posted on 1/8/2017

   Galina, J   posted on 1/7/2017

I was very happy with the service your company provided. Your staff was prompt and courteous and I will definitely make recommendation to friends and use your company next time I travel from Tampa International airport. Many thanks and happy New Year!

   Diana, H   posted on 1/7/2017

I used the valet service, so never saw where my car was parked. When the shuttle brought me back, my car was right there waiting for me. The shuttle service was good. They go back and forth every half hour. Knowing that helped me know what to expect.

   Harold, R   posted on 1/6/2017

I did the Valet parking. So not sure of the parking lot questions. First time using, will use again. No complaints. Great price and great service.

   Michael, S   posted on 1/6/2017

The only problem I had was the return. We waited about 20 min. For the shuttle after I called from the airport. The driver said he was never called to pick us up.

   Eva, D   posted on 1/4/2017

This is the second time I've used this service. It's easy, prompt and everyone is extremely curteous!

   Martha, H   posted on 1/4/2017

The service worked smoothly, and my voice messages were answered promptly. I easily extended my reservation without aggravation. I was pleasantly surprised how easily my parking need was met and at a great price! I do not write reviews often, but in this case I was compelled!

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