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Intercontinental Tampa Covered Garage

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 5am-1am Every 30 Minutes
Parking Lot Type: Covered Garage
Parking Service: Self
4.48 out of 5 stars   (based on 2565 reviews)
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Located 1.5 mi. from the Tampa Airport

We provide safe and secure covered garage parking. Complementary shuttle runs from 5am till 1am every day every 30 mins on the hour and half hour and on demand for pickups. Reservations must be made online in advance to take advantage of this internet only special parking rate. Address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Intercontinental Tampa Covered Garage Reviews
   Eric, M   posted on 3/26/2015

Dissapointed with the experience. Have used Global Parking over 5 times at the same location. First, covered parking was full and i had to park on the 6th floor (uncovered), eventhough i paid for covered parking. On my return, my flight was delayed and I landed in TPA after 1 am. Shuttle service wasnt running so I had to pay $15 for a cab to get me back to the parking. This made the cost higher than economy parking at airport. Never again, dont trick your customers on buying covered parking wh

   Richard, S   posted on 3/26/2015

We should be advise that WE need to CALL to get picked up. Also when dropped off, the driver should indicate WHERE they would be picking us up on return

   Brick, M   posted on 3/26/2015

   Fred, T   posted on 3/26/2015

It was everything that I hoped for.

   Mike, M   posted on 3/24/2015

   James, C   posted on 3/24/2015

Both ends of drop-off and pick-up were too time prohibitive to use your service again. We arrived back in Tampa and called numerous times with no answer and had no idea what to do as we could not contact anyone. I even left a message on the corporate phone mail as no live person answered. Not even a phone answering service. Other people were just as frustrated. Finally a driver came by and we flagged him down to learn computer and phone system were down. You need to have back-up plans for thi

   Brian, M   posted on 3/23/2015

Once the parking lot is found it is a fantastic parking facility and excellent service. The parking garage is not very well marked and once you get into the garage it is difficult to determine which levels are available for airport parking. I have used this facility at least 3-4 times and I will continue to use and recommend this facility to other travelers.

   Josh, O   posted on 3/23/2015


   susan, d   posted on 3/23/2015

I tried this parking lot because many of the other airport lots were rated very poorly. It was excellent. I arrived at 5:00am. Parking is behind the hotel and very easy to find. It was well lighted. Elevator to lobby and check in at front desk for return ticket on shuttle. I had to extend my stay twice and the online edit to your reservation was easy. Called for ride upon return and shuttle was prompt. Easy access to highways on return trip. So glad I picked this one.

   MICHAEL, S   posted on 3/22/2015

Once at the premises of the Continental it was excellent, only had a slight problem finding the self service parking, then locating the lobby, but all else was very easy and efficient and courteous. MDS

   Nick, S   posted on 3/22/2015

Sorry there isn't too much to say about a parking garage & shuttle service when things go well (usually people just like to complain when things don't work out) but I highly recommend this for flying from TPA. Covered ramp, nice atmosphere at the Intercontinental, and a short ride from a courteous driver. What more can you ask for ?

   Richard, G   posted on 3/22/2015

   William, M   posted on 3/21/2015

No where that we could find was the fact that we were parking in the Continental Hotel and the address while apparent didnt mean anything to us. We had to go to the lobby, wait for check ins and find how and where the entrance was. We wasted so much time that we couldnt wait for the van and hired a taxi to get to the airport. Also the garage is soooo big that we couldnt find our car for an hour but that was our fault.SIGNAGE on the property would be a BIG PLUS.

   Maureen, B   posted on 3/21/2015

I'll never use any other service. Great price, great service! Thank you.

   Dave, R   posted on 3/20/2015

Shuttle was very clean. Garage is showing age, wear and dirt.

   Victor, C   posted on 3/20/2015

It's just one thing that I really did not agree with; the cost of the parking as an individual who has parked with you before I think you could have given me some sort of discount at the very least a "Senior's discount" I understand the rate is per day I parked from 12:30 pm 3/17 to 6:30 pm 3/19/15 even if a discount could not be given I think an adjustment could've been made, never the less you're still number one in my book. I will again be making parking arrangements in the next few days.

   michael, A   posted on 3/19/2015

   Jonathsn, B   posted on 3/19/2015

   Shannon, L   posted on 3/19/2015

   Ken, H   posted on 3/18/2015

Sorry to say, but had to call twice and wait 45 minutes for shuttle to pick us up at airport. Driver was very apologetic. Evidently no communication between person we called & driver.

   Joanne, L   posted on 3/18/2015

It was very easy parking,clean and new van,pleasant driver and quick ride to the airport.Will use this service again.

   C, L   posted on 3/18/2015

   Anita, M   posted on 3/18/2015

Thanks for the excellent service. We will use it again in the future.

   J., F   posted on 3/18/2015

Took 3 phone calls before someone at the hotel answered so we could arrange pick-up at the airport..........then excellent service, quick and efficient. Thank You. We love your location and service and will continue to use you for airport parking.

   ian, d   posted on 3/18/2015

really difficult to get through to Intercontinential Hotel in Tampa their automated telephone system is misleading and will make u mad very easily especially off a red eye

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