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Parking lots near Toronto Pearson International Airport

Quality Suites YYZ

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs *See More Info
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.04 out of 5 stars   (based on 297 reviews)
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Located 1 mi. from the Toronto Airport

Enjoy safe and secure parking while you travel out of Toronto. We are conveniently Located off of Carlingview Dr, less than 1 mile away from the Toronto Pearson International Airport. Our shuttle runs 24hrs every 30 minutes for the pickup and the drop off. From the hotel to the airport it runs 5 after the hour and 35 after. From the airport to the hotel pickups are made on the 15 and 45 of each hour. Reservations must be made online in advance to take advantage of this online only special airport parking rate. Address and Driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Quality Suites YYZ Reviews
   Jianying, W   posted on 7/12/2015

   Daryl, C   posted on 6/14/2015

Easy to find. On time. No complaints.

   Robert , S   posted on 6/6/2015

Quick, simple cheap way to park!

   Pete , P   posted on 5/27/2015

   Andy, D   posted on 5/4/2015

Parking spot was good and so was the front desk service for this trip. I had parked here before and it was not a present one, so good to see the improvement. The shuttle waiting time is still too long, we waited 45 minutes going and 1 hour coming back as we missed the bus both times. So give yourself lots of time if you don't want to miss your flight.

   janet, m   posted on 5/4/2015

On our trip back home....we had watched one shuttle had taken off without us getting to the correct spot....the driver of the next shuttle noticed us....n approached asking politely to see info....when he had read it, he asked us to fellow him...n very quickly we were on our way back to park-n-fly...that was great no waiting n he was very polite..and helped to put luggage on board and off...thank-you!

   Angela, H   posted on 5/3/2015

We had a very positive and easy experience. A couple of notes to make a little more helpful: Upon arriving, you do have to register with the the hotel and fill out some paperwork; the lighting in the parking structure needs to be maintained for safety purposes - especially when returning on late night flights. Overall, great experience and this has been the second time I've used this service.

   Ramani, G   posted on 4/29/2015

   Jen, W   posted on 4/29/2015

Overall good parking experience. The parking lot was very full when we arrived and we had to park really far back so it was a long walk back to the hotel for shuttle pick up. There were a few empty spots closer but it would be a very tight fit for most vehicles, impossible for a pick up truck. Shuttle was right on time, I liked having a scheduled pick up time rather than calling and waiting.

   Dilan, O   posted on 4/28/2015

Shuttle driver was the best :-) he was on his time smile , very welcoming .

   Tim, J   posted on 4/28/2015

Efficient, easy. safe. You may face a bit of a wait for the shuttle - it runs every half hour. If you arrive late in the evening like we did, that can seem a bit long.

   dave, c   posted on 4/23/2015

Great service at a great price!

   M, Z   posted on 4/21/2015

It was confusing to find out where to go, as I had reserved and paid online so I went directly to the parking lot but the attendant didn't seem to be aware of online bookings or know where I was supposed to park. I had to go to the hotel first and fill out some paper work to get the ticket for the parking lot, and then go back so it took more time than anticipated which could be a problem if tight for time. Other than that, the shuttle service was very quick to and from the airport.

   Walter, G   posted on 4/21/2015

You do not specify where shuttle stop S5 is located at the airport and the airport employees do not know either. We arrived after 1 AM and were sent to the Park n Fly shuttle stop. No information desk late at night. How about providing this information to save waiting for an hour???

   mike, m   posted on 4/18/2015


   John, U   posted on 4/17/2015

The only issue we encountered was the number of people waiting for shuttle both going to and returning from the airport. It could not accommodate everyone and so we choose to take a taxi back to the Quality Suites. It was already a very long day and we did not wish to wait any longer.

   Sheri, N   posted on 4/16/2015

Very convenient! It's a stone's throw from the airport! The process was so easy! 56$. ( got a 2$ off coupon googling 'Toronto Global Airport discounts'. The driver's are prompt. I wish I had the name of the driver that picked us up from the airport last night!!!?? He was amazing. He's East Indian if that helps??, Sooooo friendly! You'll know who I'm talking about if you get him. ;-)) The only thing that disappointed me was that passengers DIDN'T TIP THE DRIVER!!! Come on people!!!

   Robert, C   posted on 4/16/2015

I arrived to park from my home which is about a there hour drive away at about 2 am. I showed the attendant at the hotel front desk my reservation on my cellphone. It displayed my reservation number bet it still was not good enough for him. I pride myself on my organization and on being ready for situations. He told there is no way that I could be parked there and not have stayed in the hotel.I told him in the country that I booked online sand made contact with your company. We went back and for

   tony, d   posted on 4/16/2015

   Mike, C   posted on 4/12/2015

Very good service. Only problem was that I was told I had to park in the covered area. The covered area was completely full. When I came back to the attendant he advised that I could park anywhere in the lot. I found a spot just before the covered area. The problem was I missed the shuttle by seconds due to the delay. Other than that is was great.

   Mack, F   posted on 4/12/2015

   Rudolph, H   posted on 4/10/2015

   Jane, B   posted on 3/21/2015

The shuttle was every 45 mins when our flight arrived. I tried calling the hotel to see when the next shuttle came all i got was a recording never a person on the end of the phone. I ended up calling Quality Inns main reservation line to have them tell us the shuttle was every 45 mins. Way to long to wait at that early morning hour. We ended up paying $33 to get a cab 2 kms. from the airport to the hotel parking. We would never use this again. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THE SERVICE.

   Fred, M   posted on 3/20/2015

It was all great until I went to my vehicle and found a parking ticket on it, I took it to the hotel and they said not to worry they would take care of it, I hope so

   Margaret, M   posted on 1/7/2015

I booked this facility as it has the indoor parking garage. When I checked in at the Quality Inn reception was told it was subject to availability and hotel guest took priority. I had to leave my luggage take the care to another lot and then walk back. Same upon my return. No where on my reservation does it say "SUBJECT TO AVAILABILTY". I will not use this facility again.

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