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Hilton Westchester - Self

Hours of Operation: 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 4:45am-12.45am
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.3 out of 5 stars   (based on 986 reviews)
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Located 6.2 mi. from the White Plains-Westchester Airport

Hilton Westchester is the only hotel that allows you to park without staying for a night in the hotel. Free shuttle service is included to and from HPN - Westchester County airport. Shuttles run 4:45AM-12:45M. Shuttles will run on the :15 and :45 of the hour to the airport and pickup from the airport at approximately the :00 and :30 of the hour. Shuttles are based on availability. Hilton staff will help you with luggage, and keep your car safe and clean while you are away. You must book online in order to take advantage of this internet-only special parking rate. Address and directions provided on confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Hilton Westchester - Self Reviews
   Laura, P   posted on 10/25/2016

It was very frustrating to wait 25 mins for the shuttle to then have him sit around waiting for people. If he had pulled up at the half hour like described I could've been back at my car much faster. I did not leave the airport until 15 mins after I got on the shuttle. Just frustrating after a long day of travel.

   ken, c   posted on 10/24/2016

Excellent Service, highly recommended

   Charles, S   posted on 10/24/2016

This is a very good service, which I have used before. My only "complaint" would be that I had to wait 40 minutes to be picked up at the airport when I arrived. I called the hotel twice. I tried calling them at least a dozen times during that period and there was no answer. Finally reached someone who said "they will be there in a minute" and it was at least 15 minutes more before they arrived.

   Regina, S   posted on 10/24/2016

This was very convenient, low price parking with prompt courteous service. I would definitely recommend to others. Especially when there is limited parking making a reservation makes parking one less thing you have to worry about. They drop you off and pick you up there are no hassles or long waiting periods.

   Ellen, Y   posted on 10/23/2016

   Donna, D   posted on 10/21/2016

Nice and easy and very reasonably priced.

   Libby, J   posted on 10/20/2016

I'm looking for an alternative. You're told the shuttle will be there in 5 minutes (at night, at the airport) and you wait 20-30 minutes (every time). Usually, the van driver will drop you right at your car. Not this time, I had to walk a long distance, at night, in the dark lot, by myself. Even though I'd specifically parked next to a light, my car was all in shadow (@ midnight). When I've talked to other travelers waiting for shuttles, their shuttle comes within 5 mins and is cheaper.

   LaToya, P   posted on 10/20/2016

   Jane, W   posted on 10/17/2016

Our experience with Hilton Westchester self parking was excellent. The shuttle worked well and we also were also able to use the Hilton facilities. It made for a pleasant way to begin and end our trip. Thank you! Jane Wise

   Scott, M   posted on 10/14/2016

Would highly recommend this service!!!!!!

   sandra, s   posted on 10/13/2016

   frank, m   posted on 10/12/2016

   LJ, S   posted on 10/11/2016

This is an excellent option for Westchester Airport parking. My initial ride to the airport was exactly on time, having left the hotel on the quarter hour. The return trip was disappointing. I was out at the pick up area at 25 minutes before the hour, called to confirm the shuttle would be arriving shortly, only to be told the shuttle would not be leaving for another 10 minutes, then, the shuttle did not arrive until 10 after the hour. All else was goo about my experience.

   Joy, G   posted on 10/11/2016

Print out the email for your dashboard BEFORE you come. I only wasn't late because I leave lots of extra time...because I had to go into the Hilton Business Center to print! Call for the shuttle the moment you land, as well. With these hints you will love this parking option for HPN.

   Peter, M   posted on 10/10/2016

Great find for long term parking for flights out of HPN

   Cherie , R   posted on 10/9/2016

   david, s   posted on 10/7/2016

Need more lights to shine on"Hilton Westchester" signs on Westchester Ave-In the dark they don't stand out. I came back one day earlier due to avoiding the hurricane in FL - Is there any adjustment made for the amt of days? Many Thanks-David Supple -Cell 203-919-1129

   Alex, R   posted on 10/6/2016

After taking this park and ride service several times, recently the shuttle is taking a local, slower and bumpier route to/from airport. A few minutes one way or the other is fine, but this different route seems to be going out of the way to be slower and more uncomfortable.

   Robert, B   posted on 10/3/2016

Very easy and convienent...price wasnt bad either

   Marybeth, M   posted on 10/3/2016

We were very pleased!! We have parked at the Hilton Westchester several times and it has always worked out very well!

   Andrew R, M   posted on 9/29/2016

An excellent value, especially for anyone taking a short trip out of Westchester-White Plains Airport. I would have had to pay more than twice the amount for a cab to/from the airport from either my home or the nearest train station. My only regret is that there is no covered parking option for a higher price, but this is a problem with all parking services near the Westchester-White Plains Airport.

   Mircea, R   posted on 9/29/2016

I parked 6 days .It was easy and safe parking at front of big Hotel. Staff was friendly . Oh! dont forget to print out your reservation.

   Marlene, K   posted on 9/28/2016

   William, K   posted on 9/28/2016

Had a long wait at airport. Hotel much farther away from airport then I expected.

   Danna, P   posted on 9/27/2016

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