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Parking lots near Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

Quality Inn AUS

Hours of Operation: Open 24 Hours
Shuttle Info: 6am-11pm Every Hour
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.09 out of 5 stars   (based on 363 reviews)
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Located 1 mi. from the Austin Airport

Closest hotel to the Austin Airport. Our shuttle hours of operation are 6:00am till 11pm. From the hotel to the airport the shuttle runs at the top of each hour. On your return to Austin Airport our shuttle pickup is on demand meaning we are just a phone call away from picking you up. You must book your parking reservation online and show up with your confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Quality Inn AUS Reviews
   Stephen , A   posted on 12/10/2016

Waited over an hour to get a shuttle to the airport. Luckily one of their clients was going to the airport and gave us a ride. We were told that earlier in the week two trucks were broken into. When left for the airport the attendant didn't know when a driver would be available. He was alone at the hotel. Our return was a little better. It took a little over 30 minutes for a driver to pick us up.

   james , b   posted on 10/16/2016

took one hour to get picked up at airport

   Irving, M   posted on 9/3/2016

To bad they no longer offer service

   Heiko, S   posted on 8/26/2016

   Wendell, D   posted on 8/13/2016

Car had fire ants in it. They do not treat the islands for bugs. The people were sweet but it took 45 minutes for pickup from airport.

   Nita, S   posted on 8/9/2016

Frequent user; great service;reasonable price

   John, D   posted on 8/8/2016

Local road construction caused left turn from the West into location problems.

   Maria, R   posted on 8/1/2016

Great service n very affordable

   Kenneth, F   posted on 7/26/2016

I always enjoy parking and have someone shuttle me to the airport. It makes my trip easier than having someone drive us to the airport and than come and pick us up. this way I have my own car. Can't wait until the construction on 71 is done. It is hard getting out of the Quality Inn with all the traffic.

   Diana, G   posted on 7/26/2016

   Carrie, S   posted on 7/25/2016

There was construction nearby and our car was coated in a light layer of paint-- it would not come off with soap or windex. I had to spend $100 to have it cleaned. Location great, but I likely will look for covered parking next time.

   David, J   posted on 7/25/2016

Was not allowed to put my car cover on car because they had no way to check the mirror hanger. Car was covered with dirt and cat paw prints when I returned. I had to pay $16.00 each way for a taxi because shuttle did not run before 6am or after 11pm. This was my first Global parking experience. July 2016

   cindy, m   posted on 7/15/2016

   mark, h   posted on 7/13/2016

shuttle service was not running at the time i landed. i looked online and it said the shuttle was still running but when i called no one would pick me up. i ended up walking to the hotel. i would not use this service again, very inconvenient

   joel, M   posted on 7/11/2016

We waited 45 minutes at the airport for the shuttle to arrive. The shuttle's ac was not working properly, heat was coming out from under the seat and I had to tell him to turn it off. The whole vehicle was rattling and noisy. We will not park at this place again.

   israel, c   posted on 7/11/2016

   Anjuli, C   posted on 7/6/2016

   Vic, H   posted on 7/5/2016

   J, C   posted on 7/4/2016

   M, W   posted on 7/3/2016

Very convienient lot and friendly staff. There is construction on the highway, so you will have to pass it by a couple of miles before there is a turnaround by the enterance to the toll road. Not a big deal though. Will park here again!

   Irving, M   posted on 6/30/2016

missed the 11:00 pm due to cancelled flight

   Kathy, K   posted on 6/28/2016

There is lots of road construction around the motel that makes accessing the lot a true adventure.

   Shirley, A   posted on 6/26/2016

I love using Global Airport Parking. It is so easy to park and have someone take you right to the airport. I don't have to lug my luggage from my car into the airport. Plus the cost is very economical. Thanks

   Miriam, H   posted on 6/26/2016

We had to wait 45 minutes for van to pick us up from airport. They said 10 or 15 minutes. I called back after half an hour, and they said any minute. It was still another 15 minutes. The driver said they just told him to pick us up 5 minutes before he got to airport. It was 95 degrees out, and I got faint just waiting and waiting. Car was filthy when I picked it up. It was clean when I took it there. I guess they can't help that, though. We would like a refund.

   Ilene, M   posted on 6/25/2016

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