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Parking lots near Baltimore Washington International Airport

Econopark Express BWI

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs on demand
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.54 out of 5 stars   (based on 481 reviews)
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Located 3 mi. from the Baltimore Airport

We are located 3.1 miles from the terminal and we offer complimentary shuttle service to and from BWI terminal 24 hours a day. When you arrive to Econopark Express you will be greeted by our friendly cashier and directed where to park. Our shuttle will pick you up at your vehicle and our driver will assist with luggage.. We offer complimentary bottled water for the 5 – 6 minute shuttle ride to the terminal. When you return to BWI please go to the designated pick up zone and get on one of our our bright yellow shuttles and you will be dropped off at your vehicle. Please be sure to have a printed copy of your prepaid voucher to present to the cashier when exiting. You MUST make reservations online in order to take advantage of this special rate. Address and Driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Econopark Express BWI Reviews
   Heather, H   posted on 10/21/2016

Would definitely use Econopark again. Fast friendly service.

   Mark, C   posted on 10/20/2016

   David, W   posted on 10/20/2016

   Dan, K   posted on 10/20/2016

This was our first time flying from BWI and leaving the car for the duration of our vacation was very handy. The lot was relatively easy to find with help from WAZE, an easy to use route planner. The attendants were very helpful and the van was waiting for us when when we returned. Would definitely use this facility in the future.

   debbie, l   posted on 10/17/2016

   Blain , W   posted on 10/9/2016

   Amy, S   posted on 10/6/2016

   David, G   posted on 9/30/2016

Everything was great with the actual shuttle service its self, but I could not find my printed receipt. I did however find my email and was told that that was not good enough because they could not find the number they needed. Even though the manager on duty was very helpful and we printed it off from their computer, it was very late and we were very tired. It would be easier if we were able to just show them a number from the phone and move on. Thank you.

   Brenda, S   posted on 9/29/2016

Everything was great the driver was very professional.

   Mary, M   posted on 9/29/2016

Good deal when parking long term. One issue. I booked and paid in advance on line. Upon return, when presenting my parking ticket to leave, they did not show that I already paid. Fortunately, I had printed out the reservation. Once I presented that, all was completed quickly without any additional charges. Might want to alert internet users who pay up front to have the proof of payment email when leaving the lot.

   Rachel, O   posted on 9/28/2016

The only issue I had was that I paid for our parking online, but when I went to leave the lot they had no record of the payment. Had a receipt so no issue, but it was annoying.

   Julie, H   posted on 9/27/2016

   Jessica, C   posted on 9/26/2016

   Edward, S   posted on 9/22/2016

Although a little hard to find, customer service was excellent and fast. Went above and beyond when I had to return to the lot to retrieve my glasses from my car, and they shadowed the return van with another to get me back in time to amke my flight. Thanks again!

   Lee, D   posted on 9/22/2016

   Carolyn, S   posted on 9/21/2016

I will definitely use again

   JAMES, M   posted on 9/21/2016

When I returned, my tire was flat. Did it happen at the parking lot? Not sure. It is a newer tire though, so it made for a very long night having to change it and then going home at 45 mph back to Lancaster, PA.

   annie, h   posted on 9/20/2016

Super nice and would use it again for sure! easy, convenient and the attendants were all super nice and helpful

   Joyce, R   posted on 9/20/2016

   Janet, P   posted on 9/19/2016

Very poor service in the evening - waited 45 minutes for a bus from the airport to the parking lot. Drivers were cursing at each other and picking up passengers from the back of the line instead of the front of the line. I would not use this service going forward.

   Collin, C   posted on 9/19/2016

   Rob, W   posted on 9/17/2016

Used an online link that alluded to a discounted price if paid in advance. When all was said and done at checkout time, I appears that I paid more up-front than I would have paid at checkout time.

   Patrick, M   posted on 9/17/2016

   Kevin, P   posted on 9/16/2016

   Kenneth, D   posted on 9/14/2016

This service is unnecessarily expensive

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