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Parking lots near Chicago Midway International Airport

Midway Airport Parking Express

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs, 7 days a week!
Shuttle Info: 24 hrs On Demand
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.88 out of 5 stars   (based on 135 reviews)
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Located 1.47 mi. from the Chicago Midway Airport

Airport Parking Express provides a highly convenient and secure (24 hr surveillance), well lit, fenced parking place for your vehicle with the lowest rates available for long term or short term parking service at Midway Airport. Airport parking express is located just minutes away from Midway Airport. Our attendants are on duty 24 hours a day to provide FREE shuttle service to and from the airport, on demand. We'll even help you with luggage assistance. Book a guaranteed reservation online now and save!

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
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Midway Airport Parking Express Reviews
   Robin, D   posted on 5/11/2015

   Nancy, K   posted on 4/27/2015

We were very happy with the service. He helped us get our luggage out as soon as we pulled into our parking space. As soon as we arrived at door four, the shuttle was waiting for us. No complaints at all. Thanks

   Kathy, B   posted on 4/24/2015

   Dave, N   posted on 4/22/2015

I booked for about $65. My credit card was charged $15 when I checked in, and then another $65 when I checked out....$80. There were other places cheaper if I had known that $80 was going to be the total amount. I consider that false advertising.

   Karen, M   posted on 4/22/2015

   Dan, E   posted on 4/21/2015

Only one driver, so if he went to pick up people there was no one at the office. That means you had to stand outside reguardlesss of the weather. Next time i will pay the extra money else were. Or use a taxi.

   Reid, P   posted on 4/21/2015

This was our first time using, and the process was very easy. Our shuttle was ready right away, both for departure and upon our arrival back. We were very pleased and would definitely use the service again.

   NANCY, l   posted on 4/11/2015

The service was very prompt. We had a hard time understanding their English and they were didn't explain very much to us as we were rookies and were not sure about the whole process. The cars were packed like sardines and we were fearful of leaving our friends vehicle there but it all turned out fine. The van was sketchy at best that shuttled us back and forth. But it was affordable and our care was safe so were are ok. We were thankful for the low price and the good care of our car.

   Anton, J   posted on 4/9/2015

   Guerdy, T   posted on 4/9/2015

The driver of the van was in a hurry. He cut thru a parking lot on my way to get me to my car. I was alone in the van as I left the rest of my family to get our luggage at the airport. I was thinking if I had my elderly dad with me. the attendant at the lot was very courteous and nice. The location of the lot as compare to the airport was good

   Jane, B   posted on 4/8/2015

The first attendant was extremely hard to understand, brusque and kind of rude. Barked orders. Get in van. Park car. Wasn't friendly. The second return attendant was better, still not too talkative. Condition of van was better second ride. Liked speed in picking me up-marvelous!

   Sadiq, Q   posted on 4/7/2015

I was expecting a covered parking lot and what I got was an open air parking lot. The shuttle was late getting there and we had to wait over 25 minutes when we arrived back at the airport. Was highly dissapointed with the parking lot and the amount I was charged.

   herman, H   posted on 4/5/2015

I will never use your service again, I waited almost 2 hour for a ride back to my car, 1 van 1 person, then could not get-out the lot, car double parked, the driver, went back to the air port, have to wait for him to come back

   Estelle, B   posted on 4/5/2015

   Julie, M   posted on 4/5/2015

Only had 1 person on duty on Saturday. Poor man had to help get cars out, run folks to airport and pick up returning travelers. He was doing his best, but should never have been in such a position. Poor management that resulted in more than 45 minute wait to be picked up from airport. Won't use this lot again.

   Tamara, S   posted on 4/1/2015

The parking spaces are very narrow. I was not able to park my car. The parking worker parked it for me.

   monica, c   posted on 3/23/2015

The parking attendant was courteous and efficient. We arrived in time for our outbound flight, and the return shuttle arrived as promised. The lot was secure and our vehicle was in a well lit space.

   Lynn, C   posted on 3/21/2015

Online add said it would save money to make a reservation. When I picked my car up, the employee said there is an additional charge for the "paper". Just come in and get the best deal.

   ALBERT , D   posted on 3/17/2015


   David, M   posted on 1/19/2015

   Betty, S   posted on 1/4/2015

   Lynnea, J   posted on 1/2/2015

Wish it were a little cheaper.... But the security of my car was worth the few extra dollars. Easy drop-off/pick-up process!

   Sue, R   posted on 12/30/2014

When we arrived, no one was in the office. We drove around the lot and started to park, then called the office number but no one answered. It was a little confusing. Then the shuttle showed up . I had to get out in the rain to see what we were supposed to do. Then we had to park and start walking with our luggage in the rain to the office. The shuttle driver came back around and stopped to load the luggage. Then we had to go to the office and pay. From then on, everything went fine.

   Susan, F   posted on 12/26/2014

Cheapest parking for Midway Airport. Shuttle service was excellent. We were picked up within 15 minutes after picking up our luggage.

   Terri, G   posted on 12/16/2014

Overall it was a good experience. the only thing that bothered me was the tone of voice when I called for pick up. It was almost like I was an annoyance. Then when I was in the van, a lady called for pick up & the driver sounded irritated with her. Then we were paying in the office & a girl in front of me asked a question about the charge & he snapped at her. A simple explanation would have probably been fine but he got defensive. Overall a good experience. Just need some attitude adjustments.

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