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Map of Chicago OHare Airport

Parking lots near Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Crowne Plaza OHare

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours a day
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every 30min.
Parking Lot Type: Secure Uncovered
Parking Service: Gated Self
4.18 out of 5 stars   (based on 186 reviews)
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Located 2.3 mi. from the Chicago OHare Airport

Crowne Plaza Hotel welcomes you to self-park at our secure, easy to use, parker friendly facility! We have both covered garage parking (limited availability) and uncovered parking available. From the front desk staff to our airport parking manager, our team is dedicated to a smooth and easy parking and transit process, and we will assist you with all your needs. Complimentary shuttles run every 30 minutes on the hour and on the half hour, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our fleet of eight brand new shuttles will help guarantee you a luxurious, relaxed and efficient commute. In addition, our FlyteTouch kiosk located in the lobby has all the real-time flight status information you will need! Our in-house Chicago Fire Oven restaurant, famous for its stone fire oven pizza, roasted chicken, tender steaks and classic salads, will allow you to travel on a full stomach. Starbucks coffee is also served at our On The Fly. Crowne Plaza’s airport parking is the perfect solution for your long term parking needs. The hotel address and driving directions are provided on your confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Crowne Plaza OHare Reviews
   Jan, K   posted on 12/27/2017

Thanks again for easy parking. Driver and front desk were very kind.

   Steve, L   posted on 11/14/2016

Pick up at ORD international terminal was a disaster. I called the number for international pick, called front desk and reservation so I can speak with someone, and unable to reach shuttle service for international terminal pickup. I had to get the shuttle across from the Hilton hotel and instruct the driver to pick up my wife and our luggage at international terminal.

   Elizabeth, W   posted on 11/7/2016

This was the easiest place to leave the car, as the return to our home (Michigan) xway couldn't have been closer or easier to get to. Very very nice people, and the shuttle drive truly a kind gentleman. So helpful as we had a broken suitcase...so he gave us special attention. So appreciated after a long, tiring day of travel that began at 3A.M.

   Joihn, C   posted on 10/31/2016

   Richard, E   posted on 10/30/2016

Excellent service!!!

   Wayne, G   posted on 8/27/2016

   BJ, H   posted on 6/27/2016

Highly recommended

   W, M   posted on 6/22/2016

   Gaelen , C   posted on 5/26/2016

The shuttle was 50 minutes before it showed up

   Michael, G   posted on 3/19/2016

   Homer, B   posted on 3/1/2016

SO much better than parking at O'Hare!

   Deborah, M   posted on 2/21/2016

Walking with suitcases to the airport pickup area after plane arrival was rather confusing for first tome users. Pickup from arrival curb back to Crown Plaza about 9 pm was not as prompt as expected, tho probably not driver's fault. Lots of confused travelers weaiting for a number of different shuttles.

   Susan, W   posted on 2/21/2016

   Nancy, L   posted on 2/12/2016

   Paul, L   posted on 1/23/2016

The shuttle service was much better this trip. I waited only about 15 minutes instead of the hour+ the last time. The driver was very courteous.

   Sudip , G   posted on 1/20/2016

   Jan, P   posted on 1/17/2016

Excellent experience except we weren't clear on the exit procedure. When we got to the exit gate we told the attendant that our ticket was prepaid. He said that he didn't have any record of that and we would have to pay to exit the lot. We paid and later contacted the hotel to let them know what happened. The hotel personnel checked the records and found that the parking had been prepaid and refunded our payment within hours. Great service!

   Daniel, G   posted on 1/14/2016

   Cynthia, C   posted on 1/13/2016

We had an international flight and no where on the email did it say we had to call the shuttle when we go back in town. Waited along time for shuttle

   Ellie, S   posted on 1/12/2016

Super fast shuttle both ways! Lot was better than expected as I got a spot on the first floor of the parking garage! A++

   Rich, B   posted on 1/12/2016

very easy to use. would use again

   kim, W   posted on 1/5/2016

Everything was great! We just wished it was covered parking. We spent an hour scrapping ice off the car.

   Kevin, K   posted on 1/4/2016

   Mike, B   posted on 1/4/2016

The snow was plowed deep enough in front of my car that once it melted and subsequently refroze it was so solid that I had to spend many minutes chipping away at it so that my vehicle could safely drive over it. If you're going to pay these amounts for parking snow removal should be a little bit better

   Monica, R   posted on 1/1/2016

The parking lot was a bit hard to find and the front desk wasn't very clear on the expectations for parking. The shuttle drivers were very nice and on time though.

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