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AmericInn Hotel Inn Suites DIA

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every 30min.
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.13 out of 5 stars   (based on 2402 reviews)
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Located 6 mi. from the Denver Airport

Located on Tower Road, we are the closest hotel to Denver International Airport! Our free airport shuttle runs every 30 minutes, on the hour and on the half hour, 24 hours a day. Save big and park with us! Address and driving directions are provided on your confirmation upon checkout.

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AmericInn Hotel Inn Suites DIA Reviews
   Loren, C   posted on 8/19/2018

I would never use Global Parking again. When I returned from my trip my pickup had been stolen. The hotel security camera showed the pickup there for two days after I left. Then the camera was off for 10 hours and when it came back on the pickup was missing. I would never advise anyone to use this service and I expect a refund for the fee I paid for parking....

   WINN, B   posted on 8/18/2018

The parking was cheap, close to the airport and the shuttle was there within a few minutes.

   Robert, K   posted on 8/15/2018

   Marion, S   posted on 8/15/2018

I was very pleased with my parking at AmericInn. It was especially comforting that everyone was so cheerful and helpful; those courtesis said to me "Welcome Home"

   Mark, W   posted on 8/15/2018

   Lori, O   posted on 8/15/2018

   rob, s   posted on 8/12/2018

   Dan, I   posted on 8/10/2018

The parking lot is accessible by the public so it's not as secure as a gated lot. But that doesn't concern me and I will definitely use it next time.

   Marty, G   posted on 8/7/2018

Everything was great!

   Bobbi, B   posted on 8/5/2018

It took an hour to get picked up from the time I called from baggage claim. The airport is only 10 minutes from the hotel. We have had usually prompt service so this time it was aggravating because we still have a two hour drive to get home.

   Sarah, G   posted on 8/5/2018

Will use again

   Richard, D   posted on 8/5/2018

Shuttle service in most uses of Americ Inn has been repeated slow for an airport to car site transfer. Last night's wait was 40 minutes. This seems to be a pattern. The price for this parking is amongst the best, but long waits following overseas flight returns is something I can not tolerate any more. I'll be looking for alternative service where I see 2-3 shuttle vans pass through prior to the arrival of the Americ Inn shuttle.

   Sandy, D   posted on 8/3/2018

near to airport, and DIA was easily accessible, not much traffic, will park there again!

   Bernice , M   posted on 8/2/2018

Would have been good if the web site said you had to call to order a return shuttle. No where was this stated. 2 of us waited a very long time before we figured out no one was going to come. Neither of us found any notice of this little issue. Boo hiss!

   Sam, H   posted on 8/2/2018

I had to wait for 1 hours for the shuttle to pick me up at the airport. Very disappointed and it’ Very late at night.

   Roger, D   posted on 8/1/2018

Getting to the airport was fine. Getting picked up was not so good. I called the hotel to get picked up and the lady answering the phone said the shuttle would be there in 10 to 15 minutes. I went out to the island and waited 35 minutes. After pickup the driver was instructed to go back to the airport and pick up another passenger. Parking isn't cheap any where around the airport. I'll just go back to using Uber or one of the other rides.

   Beth, D   posted on 8/1/2018

Honestly, the driver scared me to death. He driove way too fast and kept turning around to talk to me while driving in heavy traffic. I’m not normally a nervous person with things like that, but he really was driving dangerously.

   Monica, T   posted on 7/31/2018

Would like a courtesy call from Hotel if shuttle is running late to pick passengers up from the airport

   Douglas, K   posted on 7/31/2018

By far the easiest Denver airport parking there is. Shuttles were quick, clean and on time! Will use it again when we fly from DEN.

   Denis, B   posted on 7/30/2018

Everything was good, but car got moved without informing us, due to some parking lot construction. Imagine our shock finally getting to the car after 20 hrs. of flying and not seeing the car. Everything was sorted out, but I wish they would send some notifications above the it.

   Carol, L   posted on 7/29/2018

On Friday, July 27, 2018, an intense rain caused a 4-1/2 hour delay in my return departure from Newark, NJ, making the flight to reach Denver around 1:30am, four (4) hours late; the carousel determined to release our luggage was under repair and caused further delay in retrieving my luggage so it was about 2:30am when I placed three (3) calls to Americinn Hotel to order a shuttle, all of which rang six (6) times, then were disconnected. I then hired a taxi for $30.00 to take me to the hotel.

   Jami, S   posted on 7/29/2018

   Donald, N   posted on 7/28/2018

All went well but when we returned our car had been moved. A little panicked but when we asked about it the motel attendant explained they moved our car due to a paving project. It would have been nice to get a text or phone call but not a big deal. Otherwise a very good place to park.

   Jimmy, C   posted on 7/27/2018

Never had a hiccup til this time. Driver got a call on the radio to come back to pick a passenger who missed the boarding to the airport. This combined with a passenger clearance snag in my line at airport security created enough of a delay that the plane doors were closed when I arrived at the gate. Therefore, missed my flight and made for a very long day. To your credit, on my return, another passenger requested driver backtrack, but he declined. The days are long enough. Stay the course.

   Kerri, T   posted on 7/26/2018

Drivers were awesome .. pick up wait time was about 30 minutes

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