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Red Roof IND

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs, 7 days a week
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every 30min.
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.03 out of 5 stars   (based on 71 reviews)
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Located 5 mi. from the Indianapolis Airport

Located just northeast of Indianapolis airport. Best airport parking rate at Indianapolis Airport! Safe & secure parking. Free round trip shuttle included with your paid reservation! Open 24 hrs 7 days a week. Luggage assistance is available.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Red Roof IND Reviews
   John, S   posted on 6/30/2016

Your directions had me looking for a Quality Inn. Red Roof Inn was the only motel in the area, so I stopped to ask them, and found they had changed names. You need to keep up with your data.

   John, D   posted on 6/23/2016

We waited 40 minutes for the shuttle to arrive while waiting at the airport. I called 3 times to find out when the shuttle would arrive, each time I was told the shuttle just left. It only takes 10 minutes for the shuttle to get to the airport. I was very disappointed.

   Patricia , M   posted on 6/12/2016

I was very disappointed at the condition of the van, there wasn't anything on the side of the van which identified it with Quality Inn & Suites. The driver was not friendly, the seat belts were not functioning for at least 2 seats so I didn't feel safe on the highway going to the airport. On the way back, there was a different driver who pulled up he didn't greet us he just got out of the van and threw away a banana peel, grabbed our bags put them in the van which was very very hot with no air.

   Connie, C   posted on 6/9/2016

Our car was safe and sound where we left it. The driver was prompt and courteous. However, the condition of the shuttle van was horrible and left a very poor impression. According to the odometer, the van had more than 360,000 miles on it, and it looked every bit as worn and dirty as that would indicate, down to a missing headlight. Riding in this grimy van was not how we wished to begin and end a wonderful vacation.

   Janice, C   posted on 6/5/2016

   Nicholas, A   posted on 5/29/2016

This is a second time I am using this shuttle and on our way back there was issue with shuttle. First time I had to pay for cab because they did not pick me up . Yesterday we waited almost hour for him to show up. We called five times . I don't think I will be using this shuttle again.

   Kimberly, M   posted on 5/1/2016

If you use this shuttle service know that there is only one van (which is not in the best of shape). There must have been a convention in town when I was leaving because I had to wait for the driver to drop off another person then come back to get me. The website says the shuttle is every 30 min (it's not), you have to call to be picked up upon your return (I waited 45 min to be picked up after calling). The vans do not have the hotel name on the side of them. In short you get what you pay for.

   MARY , F   posted on 4/10/2016

   Paul, S   posted on 4/4/2016

I will never come back here. The shuttle didn't leave on time because the driver was late. The van was filthy. Nobody cared! On the return trip there was no shuttle from the airport and the lousy hotel to which the parking lot was attached had no power and I couldn't call them. I had to get a cab from the airport to get back to my car. All together it really sucked. The only good thig was that my car was still there when I finally got to it.

   Dave , O   posted on 3/28/2016

Shuttle was dirty and broken. Had warning lights on and gas gauge was broken. Drivers were nice and helpful but the van was not good.

   Richard, M   posted on 3/26/2016

   Dan , M   posted on 3/15/2016

I would recommend GAP not use this location in the future. Not a great location, safety concerns, facility and van not in best of condition and not a good impression of GAP due to poor image of the hotel. GAP could really give its customers a better impression of their service and company by improving the hotels it associates with. Quality Inn and Suites and its van, location, etc. should not be used.

   George, C   posted on 2/16/2016

Outbound shuttle on time and everything fine. Waited approximately 2 and a half hours to be picked up and delivered to car. Was told one of the shuttles went into a ditch, it was during a shift change, and they picked up someone the driver THOUGHT was me. Front desk clerk was less than courteous on the phone with me.

   Dale, C   posted on 2/9/2016

The condition of the shuttle taking us to the airport was not so good. The seat we sat in had a big chunk of the foam padding missing and it was not very clean. The driver was not very communicative. The return trip from the airport was much better except for the fact the van had no identifying name on the outside of it. It was just a plain white van. The driver however did get out of the van and identify himself as the Quality Inn driver and van and he was very pleasant and loaded our bags

   Lana, Q   posted on 1/31/2016

I won't be using Quality Inn & Suites again. Although the driver and front desk employee were both nice, the van had torn seats, was dirty inside and had an odor. The driver did not seem to have good hygiene. They had a broken water line at the hotel which couldn't be helped, however, I needed to use the restroom and it was filthy dirty.

   Deborah , B   posted on 1/9/2016

Van is old, dirty, and smells.

   Jean-Jacques, M   posted on 1/5/2016

I waited 1h15 to be picked by the shuttle at the airport despite the fact that I called twice the front office.

   Rosalinda , z   posted on 12/31/2015

   Kerry, K   posted on 12/27/2015

On returning home the driver would not let me out by my car in the poring rain. Gave me some excuse he had to park at the front door. Poor!!!

   Jeff, K   posted on 12/6/2015

   Robert, P   posted on 12/6/2015

   Linda, W   posted on 11/30/2015

Easy to make reservations. Prompt service

   Beverly, F   posted on 8/4/2015

Probably won't use this parking service again. By the time we tipped the driver, we spent more on this parking than we would have in the long-term lot at the airport, and it was a lot more hassle.

   Terence, Y   posted on 7/29/2015

It took the shuttle 50 minutes to pick me up at the IND terminal.

   Donald, S   posted on 7/20/2015

Very satisfied. Called when landed and waited about 7 minutes after arriving at Zone 2. Quality Inn not shown on exit information signs on 465 or 70. Used Lynhurst Dr exit only because I knew the area.

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