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Red Carpet Inn EWR

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 6am-12am 30min.*
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.71 out of 5 stars   (based on 108 reviews)
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Located 3 mi. from the Newark Airport

Park and Fly with us and Save! We provide economical airport parking conveniently located just minutes from Newark International Airport. Our complimentary airport shuttle runs 6am-12am every 30 minutes. *The shuttle runs from the hotel to the Airtran station P4, you can take the AirTran to any terminal. You must book your reservation online and show up with your confirmation. The hotel address and driving directions will be provided on your email confirmation.

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Red Carpet Inn EWR Reviews
   Kathleen, S   posted on 8/28/2018

Everything went smoothly with our drop off of the car and shuttle to the airport. Unfortunately when we returned, I called the Red Carpet Inn for 15 minutes with no answer, so we took a taxi from the airport to the Inn. It turns out that the phone at the in was not working. Very bad situation. We paid $27.00 dollars for a taxi from the airport to the inn. The desk clerk said he did not have authority to reimburse us but we think that the manager should give us a full refund. This was poor.

   Michael, M   posted on 8/22/2018

I would never have booked this parking lot. When I selected this lot it said the lot was less than a mile from the airport. I was over 5 miles a way in a very dangerous part of Irvington. The hotel was of the type that you had to get buzzed in because of how bad the area was. I looked like a welfare / hourly hotel. WOULD NEVER BOOK THIS AGAIN

   Mike, B   posted on 8/16/2018

   John , S   posted on 8/9/2018

BUYER BEWARE This place says they have an airport shuttle but it only runs between 6am to 12pm. If your flight is between 12am to 6am you are stuff out of luck. On my flight out it costed me $30 extra for a taxi because I had to be at the airport by 4am. On the way back I called they to tell them I wanted the shuttle it was 1130pm and it was like they were going out of their way to come pick me up and told me to meet but wouldn’t guarantee they would be there so it costs me another $30.

   Gunjan, S   posted on 7/28/2018

   Hussain, K   posted on 1/1/2018

On the way back we waited 50 minutes for the shuttle to pick us up. Also this place is really far from the airport

   dan, h   posted on 5/9/2017

Ad stated that the shuttle is "on demand" but in reality it is not: it only leaves at specific times. Also, unlike other parking lots, the shuttle does not drop customers off at their departure terminal. It only makes one stop at an AirTrain station located in another parking lot.

   Jodi, B   posted on 3/26/2017

The only issue we had was with the return. Our flight was over an hour late so we were anxious to get home and called ahead. The driver arrived, and pulled out in seconds, do we missed the ride and had to wait for him to turn around.

   Amy, G   posted on 2/28/2017

The neighborhood seemed a little sketchy when we arrived at 4am, but a week later my car was just as I had left it. The shuttle took a little longer to pick us up from the airport than we would have liked, but the driver was very courteous and drove safely. Overall a very smooth and easy experience.

   Dawna, D   posted on 1/11/2017

The trip to the airport was great, but when we returned, We waited at the airport for almost an hour and call at least 5 times, for a ride back, the driver opened the back door without saying a work to us and made us load our own suitcases. (we aren't above moving our own baggage, but that is not the industry standard) The van sounded like it was going to blow up the whole way back.I will NEVER use this facility again - even if it were free. I only give one star because zero isn't an option

   Jeffrey, H   posted on 12/31/2016

No real issues. Would definitely use again.

   Christine, A   posted on 12/11/2016

A little apprehensive especially when I was given a paper of when I left and when I would return which I didn't like that I had to put on the dash. Not very secure parking since anyone could potentially walk in but a week later my car was fine. Driver was very nice, in fact had the same driver there and back, very nice guy. Easy procedure when I arrived and retured.

   Vincent, F   posted on 12/6/2016

Easy and much less expensive than other parking near Newark airport. Would park there again !

   Steven, M   posted on 11/22/2016

   M, D   posted on 10/3/2016

Be ready to wait an hour to be picked up. They drop you off and pick you at P4 not the terminals so you need extra time to take the Air train to get to your terminal.

   Irina , S   posted on 9/21/2016

I would never buy parking from that hotel chain.

   Eli, H   posted on 9/9/2016

Overall very satisfied. BUT When we left for our trip we had only carry on but open returning we had five checked in large boxes. I called the hotel to ask if the shuttle driver could pass by terminal A and get us instead of making me struggle with two carts worth of baggage. They refused, I even offered to pay the driver $20. And the stupidity is that the shuttle has to pass right in frot of Terminal A to get to P4 parking, so I had to struggle for 20 minutes to get to P4

   Gregory, S   posted on 9/6/2016

They said for me to call an transportation would come as soon as i called.when I landed I called they said it would be 20 minutes before the van came. So that's 20 minutes For the van leaves the hotel and 15 minutes to drive to the airport.that sucks had A tight schedule . As they say get what you pay for I will never use them again

   Rose, E   posted on 9/4/2016

on the day we parked (aug26 around 5:30-6pm) everything was good. the front desk person (a boy) was very patient and kind and the shuttle driver too. but on our trip back, we waited for the shuttle for an hour. the front desk lady was rude. hung up the phone on me when i called her the second time to ask about the shuttle. this was sept4,2016 around 12pm.

   William , M   posted on 8/23/2016

Add I'm filling this review been waiting for two hours at the p4 shuttle I'm traveling whit kids horrible service will never park here again

   Jason, P   posted on 8/16/2016

They say you get what you pay for and that is the case here. The guy behind the counter was fine. The guy that took us to the airport opened the back door & ours, put our bagage in. He drove good, talked to us and was a pleasant person overall. Now the guy that picked us up just sat in the van, we had to load our bagage. The front passenger seat was layed all the way back making it hard to get in. He had his music blasting and didn't say a word and drove fast and wild. There was a dent on my car

   Nora, N   posted on 8/15/2016

Horrible customer service dropping off and picking up my vehicle, no explanation of the process, waited over 40mins for airport shuttle pick up. Driver was very unfriendly and played loud music at 5AM. Will not be returning or recommending to anyone. Very poor service.

   Clair, O   posted on 8/3/2016

Had to call 2 times for the shuttle. Waited almost 1 hour.

   Luminita, B   posted on 8/1/2016

   Diane, R   posted on 7/27/2016

Getting from baggage claim to where you catch the shuttle bus - it really helps to ask questions to navigate eveythig.

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