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Renaissance Hotel STL

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hours
Shuttle Info: 24/7 Every 20 min.*
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
4.64 out of 5 stars   (based on 3618 reviews)
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Located 1.3 mi. from the Saint Louis Airport

Convenient parking located about 1 mile from Lambert St. Louis Airport. The Renaissance provides safe and affordable airport parking with complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport 24/7. Shuttles run every 20 minutes on the hour from 4:00am-12:00am, call the front desk for service from 12:00am-4:00am. You must reserve online in order to use this parking service. The hotel address and driving directions will be provided on your confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Renaissance Hotel STL Reviews
   William, F   posted on 1/15/2018

   Stacey, M   posted on 1/5/2018

We had the same driver going and coming back and he was awesome! Very funny. Bitter cold when we got back, we were picked up quickly and the shuttle was warm. Will make this choice every time.

   Norman, F   posted on 1/4/2018

Hotel had only one 11 passenger shuttle available and an estimated 50 hotel guests and parking patrons waiting for transportation to the airport terminals. Doubtlessly some people had to take a cab or miss their flights. Upon return to St Louis the shuttle was prompt and a great experience.

   Valerie, S   posted on 1/4/2018

At my arrival the driver made a point to wait for me to check in and park, which was awesome and of course unexpected. He could have left and I would have had to wait for the next shuttle. At my return from the airport the driver waited to see that my vehicle started before leaving. Again awesome and unexpected. I was 100% satisfied with this service and will use it again.

   Walt, G   posted on 1/4/2018

   Jon, B   posted on 1/3/2018

Someone attempted to break into my car at this location. Luckily they did not get in or take anything. Otherwise the service and everything from the staff and hotel was excellent. They handled the situation well after realizing what had happened also.

   Chad, M   posted on 1/3/2018

All went well until I went to get my car and both front and back license plates had been stolen.

   Debbi, B   posted on 1/3/2018

Although our experience was great ; At the time of picking up our car and other young man was getting his - and it had gotten broken into. This makes me a bit nervous for using the renaissance in the future.

   James, m   posted on 1/3/2018

Been using the for the past 2 years and everyone is so nice.

   suzann, s   posted on 1/2/2018

I have used your facility for airport parking several times now. You provide excellent service. Drivers are very sweet and friendly along with the front desk personnel. I will always use the Renaissance Hotel for all my travel needs. Thank you!!!!!!

   Dan, W   posted on 1/2/2018

   Teri, K   posted on 1/2/2018

Shuttle service for pickup from the terminal is usually slow. Rides are always crammed with luggage/passengers. Sometimes you have to wait for 2 shuttles in order to get back to hotel. Drivers/crew are always courteous and nice.

   Mike, M   posted on 1/1/2018

Very convenient and good shuttle. All personell were polite and helpful.

   Matt, B   posted on 1/1/2018

The shuttle to the airport was great. When we returned from our trip the driver had called in and did not show up. We had to pay for a taxi and we were reimbursed most of our fair (all except tip because we would have tipped the driver anyway). The hotel was very good about the reimbursement even paying out of their own pockets.

   Barry, W   posted on 1/1/2018

We have plenty of parking choices at Lambert, but always go with Global. Add to that the pro’s at the Renaissance are always super courteous and they deliver us to our car. Tonight it was around 8 degrees and our driver was out of the van and loading bags in my car before I could get the darned car unlocked! Total service and super helpful!

   D, B   posted on 12/30/2017

   steve, m   posted on 12/30/2017

   Carrie, C   posted on 12/30/2017

The hotel was very close to the airport. The shuttle was super quick and the drivers friendly. Will definitely use them again!

   CORNEL, M   posted on 12/29/2017

   Darrell, S   posted on 12/29/2017

Always good service from Global.

   Eileen, N   posted on 12/28/2017

Driver stopped right at our car since it was so cold. Much appreciated

   Robert F C, K   posted on 12/28/2017

The sign out front to the entrance is to far from roadway I missed the turn twice but it’s also hard to do when you have a bunch of cars trying to push you but still was happy with the works

   Bob, S   posted on 12/28/2017

Efficient and responsive, You do have to walk to your car

   John, D   posted on 12/27/2017

Solid and timely service. Drivers and hotel staff are always friendly and courteous.

   Charlyn, N   posted on 12/27/2017

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