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Red Roof Inn SAT

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs
Shuttle Info: 6am-11pm *
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Self
3.66 out of 5 stars   (based on 96 reviews)
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Located 1 mi. from the San Antonio Airport

Conveniently located off of Highway 281 (Mc Allister Fwy) less than 1 mile from the terminals at San Antonio Airport. Free shuttle service to and from the airport is included with your parking reservation. Our shuttle runs Monday-Saturday 6am-11pm as needed from the hotel to the airport. Sunday the shuttle runs from 6am-2pm Every as needed from the hotel to the airport. Return shuttle is on demand with the same hours mon-sat 6am-11pm and sunday 6am-2pm. Reservations must be made online in advance, address and driving directions will be provided on the confirmation.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

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Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Red Roof Inn SAT Reviews
   Adela, M   posted on 7/26/2015

Only problem was that I encountered some detours due to construction on the way to the parking lot. I felt a little rushed due to the extra 20 minutes to arrive. Otherwise, everything went smoothly.

   Steven, B   posted on 7/22/2015

I rated the shuttle service poor because it was non-exsistant. To be fair, the hotel told me before I left on my trip they would be discontinuing the shuttle service prior to my return. In addition, Global Airport Parking called me personally to inform me of same. I was told to save the taxi receipt and I would be reimbursed. I think Global is a great service and I will continue to use them no matter what airport I fly out of...Thanks dudes! Y'all rock the parking world...

   Jeffrey, N   posted on 7/6/2015

I was informed once I arrived that shuttle service was being canceled in the middle of the time my car was parked here. Needless to say, this was aggravating as I was under the impression this facility operated a regular shuttle. To their credit, Global Airport Parking rectified this situation before I even contacted them. I wouldn't park at Red Roof Inn SAT again, but I'd use Global Airport Parking without a moment's hesitation and recommend to others.

   Jacqueline, C   posted on 6/20/2015

   J, P   posted on 6/19/2015

I would certainly use this service at this location again.

   Charles , G   posted on 6/9/2015

Very easy to park and take the shuttle. When we returned we just called the Inn and they sent a shuttle. Very easy.

   Billy, C   posted on 6/8/2015

Shuttle service advertised as complimentary. Yet, had to pay for a taxi to retrieve my car; since shuttle at that particular hotel stops running at 2pm. This was not stated before I reserved and paid for the service. Terrible company, with a smart mouth customer service manager. Never use this service!!!!!!

   Rosemary , L   posted on 6/6/2015

While the hotel had my reservation, they claimed their shuttle didn't run that early (however their website claimed it did). So they called me a taxi, which took 25 minutes to arrive. It turned out to be a taxi for a different customer, but they could not locate them. Finally, I was told I could take this taxi to the airport. I barely made my flight. Upon my return, again no shuttle service. They told me to take a taxi, pay for it up front, and they would reimburse me, but not for the tip.

   Tobin, M   posted on 6/2/2015

Arrived and the guy at the counter was great. He is the only positive part. Shuttle driver walked by about 2 minutes after I showed up and I asked him if we could go in the next 15 -- he replied yes or maybe they'll get me a taxi. 35 minutes later I complained, and 40 minutes later a taxi arrived. They covered taxi but not tip. Same shuttle dude on return. Return went well. I didn't tip him though since outbound was so bad.

   joseph, l   posted on 5/12/2015


   Clanton, J   posted on 5/12/2015

There was no shuttle as advertised. A taxi had to be called both ways creating delays and more tip expense.

   N., T   posted on 5/7/2015

Very convenient and affordable, I have used this service several times. Certain taxi drivers, Yellow Cab in particular, sometimes should be a little more friendly. That's the reason I can't give 5 stars.

   Joseph, F   posted on 5/5/2015

Showed up & there was no driver for shuttle so attendant offered to pay for can on behalf of hotel. Phone lines were down due to weather so I had to order our cab and the cab for another couple waiting to go to airport as well. Long story short we missed our flight by 5 mins & had to wait at airport for next flight.

   Ingrid, D   posted on 5/1/2015

I only have a good experience! In September I will use GlobalAirportParking again. Thanks for the good service.

   Chet, M   posted on 4/26/2015

Very close to the airport, safe, ample space and fast taxi service to/from airport!

   Rosanne, P   posted on 4/22/2015

There was no shuttle from the airport to the hotel. I took a cab but was compensated for the cab fare.

   Benito , L   posted on 4/6/2015

The taxi driver was trying to charge me $5.75 for the service it was me and another lady and that was for each of us we say no and he told us the hotel only pay for one so the shuttle wasn't free?

   Edward, C   posted on 3/29/2015

   Linda, R   posted on 3/28/2015

I was told the shutter would be running at time I need to be at airport for my fight that left at 6:00 am, however I had to catch a taxi. On my return after 1)) pm I called for the shuttle pickup and was told I had to catch a taxi and I would be reimbursed. I will not leave my vehicle at this facility again.

   Frederick, L   posted on 3/26/2015

RedRoof did not have shuttle service. I arrived too early for the advertised shuttle service so RR person secured a cab. I had to pay for the cab. On return, I had to use a cab but RR did pay for it. Note, cab fare from the airport to RR inn charged me was $12.50 even though the meter read six bucks or so. The RR desk person told me that they were having problems with cabs like this. Usually I use the Embassy Airport hotel but I couldn't get a reservation there for this trip

   Holly, L   posted on 3/17/2015

   Ismael, P   posted on 3/15/2015

Hotel didnt offer a shuttle to and from the airport. I should have just parked at the airport. Spent just as much money and was severely inconvenienced with extra time taking a taxi to and from the airport. It's the last time i use this service.

   Roxanne, W   posted on 1/24/2015

   Keith, S   posted on 1/19/2015

We did not park at the Red Roof Inn. They did not have shuttle service to the airport. I was told to request a refund for parking upon our return. I would like a refund of the amount charged to my credit card.

   Robert , F   posted on 1/8/2015

Shuttle service needs improvement, a group of cabs or drivers should readily be available and their payment be standardized. This was the problem I encountered tonight. This service was prepaid and your staff should be aware of this in order to treat us as any other patron as I felt brushed aside despite standing in line for attention.

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