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Map of Seattle Seatac Airport

Parking lots near Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Park N Jet Lot-1 SeaTac Airport Parking Valet

Hours of Operation: Open 24 hrs, 7 days a week.
Shuttle Info: 24/7 On Demand
Parking Lot Type: Uncovered
Parking Service: Valet
4.34 out of 5 stars   (based on 776 reviews)
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Located 3.2 mi. from the Seattle Seatac Airport

Right on the south edge of Seatac Airport on 8th Ave S! Upon arriving our staff will assist you with your baggage and park your car in an area where it will be easily accessible for you on your return. Then hop our free shuttle to SeaTac. On your return our shuttle is just a phone call away to pick you back up. Park with us for a guaranteed lowest price, security, and safety. The Park n Jet parking area at SeaTac is monitored 24/7 and meets our strict security standards. Vehicles longer than 17 feet (Including accessories) will be charged an additional $2.00/day. Vehicles longer than 19 feet (Including accessories), pick Up trucks with crew cab, four doors, or dual rear wheels will be charged an additional $4.00/day. Vehicles longer than 21 feet would not be accepted at this lot. Changes to your itinerary must be made through Global in advance or additional fees may apply at the facility.

Parking lot ratings based on customer reviews

Poor Fair Good Excellent
Shuttle service
Courteous attendants
Condition of parking lot and shuttle
Parking easy to find
Park N Jet Lot-1 SeaTac Airport Parking Valet Reviews
   Julie, B   posted on 8/30/2018

Slight challenge in locating Park N Jet Lot-1 and getting back to I-5 when leaving, but overall very satisfied upon pick-up (had to call twice as first time automated system did not complete, cut me off, to locate me at kiosk 1 at airport). Okay and within 5 minutes after second call which allowed me to state where I was waiting and how long it would take me to get to kiosk 1, the shuttle was right there for me! I felt that my car was secure and safe. Other passengers on same shuttle said ok

   Li ly, L   posted on 8/5/2018

Very on time to arrived pick up customer, Thanks.

   Kelli, E   posted on 7/23/2018

The facility is off the beaten path but I like that its away from the airport chaos - worth the drive. Great service and rates! Thank you!

   Harold, H   posted on 12/12/2017

I always stay here when traveling

   Michael, D   posted on 12/12/2017

We were catching an early (1:30ish am) Park N Jet Lot-1 return and had to wait approximately 20 minutes. It was a very cold wait. Also, we were happy to see our vehicle waiting for us, but were delayed in leaving because of scraping ice from all the windows including the windshield. It would have been nice to have a thawed out vehicle.

   Sally, W   posted on 12/5/2017

Got there at 0dark30 in the morning to find that I had a lot of company. Waited only a few minutes for the shuttle to the airport. When I got back I used the phone at the pock-up area. The shuttle came in a reasonable time and when I got back to the parking area my car was waiting for me. I plan on using Park N Jet again the next time I have to travel.

   Dennis, H   posted on 5/9/2017

   Terry, H   posted on 5/7/2017

Excellent service in every way - courteous, fast without ever seeming to be rushing or pushy, reasonably priced, and very close to the airport. My returning flight got in 50 minutes early - 11:10 pm - and the vehicle was there to pick me up before I made it to the spot, even though I was already at the pedestrian bridge before I called them! I will DEFINITELY use these folks again!

   Jas, E   posted on 5/2/2017

   Barbara, K   posted on 5/1/2017

   Jim, S   posted on 5/1/2017

   jim, h   posted on 4/28/2017

I began parking here a year ago. Best service! Best prices! Always polite and no one can beat the price and service. My permanent lot to go to.

   Darious , N   posted on 4/28/2017

   Kelvin, W   posted on 4/25/2017

I always appreciate the ease and convenience of parking with these folks. They are prompt, courteous and seem to sincerely work hard to take care of customers. I have recommended this parking facility to many of my traveling friends for price, security & convenience when traveling from SEATAC.

   M, S   posted on 4/19/2017

   Valerie, M   posted on 4/2/2017

   Dennis, N   posted on 3/30/2017

GPS helpful to find parking lot. I was not familiar with this area south of SEATAC. Lot 1 and lot 2 somewhat confusing in finding the van at the airport. I saw other travelers mixed up and trying to get on the wrong van. Could you put a huge LOT 1 sign on the front of the van? Everyone treated us great.

   Hester, V   posted on 3/22/2017

A very well run establishment. Thank you!

   Phyllis, T   posted on 3/20/2017

When I returned from my trip the security tried to call the office to give permission to pick us up at baggage because of handicap but after several attempts there was no answer. So we had to struggle over the sky bridge and I almost fell down the escalated.

   donald, p   posted on 3/17/2017

The driver was very friendly and courteous. The shuttle arrived quickly and our car was right at front so it took little time to get on the road. Thank you

   Brian, B   posted on 3/15/2017

Confused at first where to enter a he lot. Otherwise better then expected. Thanks

   Sean, S   posted on 3/7/2017

Easy -- would use again

   michor, g   posted on 3/7/2017

Everyone professional, prompt, and courteous. Went the extra step to make sure i was helped and moved quickly between parking lot and to and from airport.

   Nancee, L   posted on 3/5/2017

Thank you for having the car ready to go! I'll be back.

   Aaron, K   posted on 3/2/2017

excellent service especially compared to previous lots used. surprised at the efficiency of their system and our car was out and ready to go for us. we will use them again

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